Truth Connections: Mark Passio | Power, the Occult and Freedom

Mark Passio is an anarchist, independent researcher, public speaker, radio talk show host, conference organizer and freedom …


  1. I think you are reasonable. You have to be. I do not see you as an anarchist but then I don't know what you mean by that or do I and you are just brazen to state the obvious in an fair intelligent way. Thank you for giving me the gift of profound thought through your sharing. an INFJ

  2. The Gladiator of the mind is unleashed. Untangling the gordian knot of the mind of HUMANITY. Mark stronger than ever. Your words inspire me to continue the Great Work every moment I have breath. Looking forward to your launch today. Thank u from a fellow Gladiator of the Mind. 😎🐯

  3. ​((( Neo-Liberal Capitalism ))) and ((( Global Communism ))) are the Hegelian Dialectics of ((( The Ruling Class )))
    . The dark Priest Class which Passio speaks of, behind all of this satanic experimentation for at least 2500 years, is the Levi-Cohen tribe. They have a different set of rules for themselves than all the rest of Jewry, but they are exalted and protected by the rest of the (((Juice))).

    We who are researching and working to expose and end the Chabad-Lubavitch Mafia, the Ruling Global Cabal, are not antisemitic — rather we, (just like Jesus was) are Anti-Satanic. Our very best information has come from the many Jewish defectors themselves. We have many Jews on our side. Sure, Mark has his insider perspective on the satanic occult, but defector banksters from the top of the global ruling cabal have their insider perspectives to share as well.

    Mark is a great communicator and a great teacher. He could be of even more immense help to the community, if, instead of shying away from this elephant in the room topic, he could help us figure out how we could truly have an honest conversation involving all of humanity. Perhaps how we can tease apart the positive aspects of Jewish culture and leave behind the negative.

  4. i am more thin willing to help mark out and get in this fight i all ready been fighting for years now and every last thing that was talked about is so so dam true i run in to this same crap all the time i would love to talk with him and get his advice on how i could help him and may be he eveion be able to give me ideas of other ways i make videos all the time and i dont what i know how to do any why if mark sees this hope so feel free to reply at me give me away to get in tuch with him

  5. This is great all around. I haven’t listened to Mark in about 6 months but he brings it all back to common sense and the system we’re all in. We believe the direct opposite of what we see. We’ve always done it this way so we have to keep doing it. And it is hard to stop and call it out. Really hard.

    People literally flee like when you put pepper in water and then drop oil in the middle.

  6. Thankyou so much for asking and answering my question, I have gained in-depth clarification on certain aspects that are required and that I need more knowledge, so I'm back to my natural law study book to rewatch videos.

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