1. This was the tip that helped me out at work big time…cause we use t5 for cloning and I was wondering why we were having a terrible success rate…then I took out some bulbs and “voila!” Back on track ….thanks again 🙏🙏🙏 always the best advice 👊👊👊

  2. The cloning, ,I've noticed. .
    If clones cut and put directly into soil
    If clones cut, put in root hormones
    If clones put in rockwool
    The roots take up to 9-12 days either way.
    Has anyone else notice the either way,,no matter what in the day's? ?
    Has anyone done this, too.
    On the vine cloning? ?

  3. I was FORCED to use a homemade CFL light! Till I could afford a T5 ? Disability and a budget!!! BUT the cannabis was awesome only a couple Oz but AWESOME 👌. Don't believe the hype!!! You can grow DANK with CFL and a T5 👍. #FLA DGC 😎💨

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