1. By nature, I'm introspective. I find myself attracted to things that stop me thinking. So I'll always try to avoid high THC weed. CBD flower I have not tried yet. I look forward to further research on medicinal cannabis. It really needs to be legalized at the federal level in the US, because it's currently illegal to even research properly iirc.

  2. In my experience with weed I stopped smoking after a huge anxiety attack, because after that attack when I would smoke weed I would get super paranoid and weed wasn’t enjoyable anymore and I quit cold turkey for months. Anyways I realized the weed was a gateway to my pain and I could face my pain head-on. I smoked weed for literally 3 months before it started becoming enjoyable again, and I also started healing my subconscious from the inside out. Now I see weed as a tool and not just recreation. Although I would be lying out my ass if I said I never do it for recreation. Anyways that’s just my testimony/2 cents 🙂

  3. What do you think about alcohol, Elisha? I treat alcohol like the poison that it is. It's much more harmful (and societally accepted) than weed. Regarding weed, I agree with your points and that's why I stopped smoking a little while back

  4. Don’t usually comment on videos but this is so true I fucked up so many opportunities in life due to being inside smoking my brain away. It took the love of my life to leave me for me to finally stop and get back on track in life please don’t do the same as me even if you do smoke, always stay connected with your loved ones.

  5. Just use it wisely, make the right choices when high AND when not high and you should be fine. If weed causes you to become a ''loser'' you were already a lazy loser and you need a stronger mindset

  6. I'm not a man but I do have ambition and many goals in life. Quit smoking weed June 1 2018 and have never been more motivated in my entire life. I smoked that shit for 7 years…and honestly…it didn't really do much for me. And I've heard many people say that same thing. It's really an escape..it's not real life. Life is living, now, not trying to always be "in some headspace" to "medicate". Sober/nofap life is fucking amazing.

  7. I got depersonalisation from smoking weed, it felt like my life was a dream, memory always felt hazy.. i just felt out of it. It's not for everyone. But you learn from experiences like these.

  8. Just because it's legal now doesn't mean people should smoke it frequently. Nigga, plz. I notice that I can't dream for 2-3 days after I've had a joint or 2. And having wonderful dreams that start my day with a smile is more rewarding than being high and not having dreams. I also wake up somewhat not fully rested after a day of weed.
    With that said, I absolutelly love and enjoy weed. But ya gotta do it infrequent, man. You can't be smoking everyday. Do it once every week or two, max. Treat it like shrooms or LSD, where you can do those once every 2 weeks due to tolerance.
    If you can train yourself to treat weed as an eventful thing, not a daily habit – you hit jackpot there. Maybe once-twice every two weeks you can have a big edible and go by yourself into nature, and with a friend/friends the second day. And get the benefits of the introspection. When you smoke everyday, weed loses this introspection effect, and you're left with only feeling stoned & sedated. Nothing else.

  9. “The exaggeration of the power of temptation can hardly be a positive means to overcoming it….As long as in our struggle against evil we regard it as strong and enticing, and at the same time both awe-inspiring and forbidden, we are not going to achieve any radical victory over it…it will remain invincible as long as it is so regarded….The attraction of evil is a lie and an illusion….only the knowledge of its absolute emptiness and tedium can give us victory over it.”

    — Berdyaev

  10. For me weed is something that i do with my friends every once or twice a year. We just have fun talk about crazy shit. Its like a way for the squad to get closer. Especially when we are all dudes and do / say all kinds of stupid shit.

    I dont recommend daily use though.

  11. I feel like weed gives meaning to my life. That definitely sounds addicted, but whatever. I still plan to respect it and won't abuse it but it's still gonna be a weekly reward (I live in TX now and don't smoke frequently)

  12. I feel like weed is just wrong, just like masturbation and drugs, you get dopamine rush with very little effort, anything that comes with huge rewards and little effort wont make you any better in life, if you feel stressed start meditating, not weed..

  13. last time i smoked weed i got in a heavy thought loop where i thought i had turned crazy and i wasnt ever gonna turn normal, maybe it was cause i was also drunk and tired but it scared me a lot and im not planning on smoking any time soon

  14. I had to cut ties with some of my friends because they were not good company for me. Dudes would smoke weed all day and do absolutely nothing else. Then they would complain how depressed they are. Yet, they always praised weed on how good it is. I didn't really realize this before I got out of that circle. I still have friends who smoke it every now and then but these people are also motivated to work hard and follow their dreams. Weed itself is not bad, some people just over do it so much. And sweep their problems under a rug while they do it.

  15. Ganja is not the dispositive difference between an alpha or beta guy. Marijuana in an alpha will simply amplify those qualities versus a beta who is going to use weed to check out. It’s not weed that makes or breaks most men. If you are weak, it will be weed or a shitty thought, but regardless you will resort to weakness no matter how much weed surrounds you. Lastly, I like what you say about respecting weed and yet retaining you as the master. Keep thoughtfully provoking thought. You do great work and a lot of it selfless. Big ups!

  16. I used to smoke a lot, now I only do 1-3 times a year, on special occasions. my life is so much better, I’d get lazy and halfass on my goals or just not give a fuck at all about priorities.. Lifes better this way

  17. I smoked for 5 years of my life. Since I was 13.
    This shit makes being a man completly impossible.
    It directly takes testosterone out of your blood. It feminizes men and can make some guys homosexual.
    I quit about 4 months ago and I found my self a bunch of girls and I'm doing better than ever (still recovering from weed tho)

  18. Being in society accepted the weeds not making it a good for using in public! And you know what I mean about using it ,This show how the society and the laws affects the prospective of the person ,We should judge the thing by its common results.

  19. Very good presentation. I’ve been using weed for autoimmune pain for about 5 years at night. I agree with everything you say! Also, now that I eliminated sugar and fruit juice from my diet, I don’t need adderall anymore and when I keep the animal fat very low in my diet, the pain subsides substantially.

  20. weed too much is definitely not good. like how are we supposed to stay focused on the word of God if we are constantly too stoned. if not careful you can get into a mode of lustful ways. miscrodosing, or very infrequent is okay in my opinion if we can control. it can give you some insight from time to time. but it also can take you to places you don't want to be. a full on stoner? that isn't who I want to be. Let go, Let God./

  21. I find cannabis is an excellent tool for introspection. It brings to light things that I often don't take the time to reflect on or aspects of my life where I'm not reaching my full potential. Be warned though, many people fall into addiction with this seductive herb. It can change a person's ideals, world view and motivation… For better or for worse.

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