Testing Legal Canadian Weed – Part 1

I test a pre-rolled joint from the Canadian government. Is it good? Maybe…..No spoilers…It was called Sunset Indica. If you want more of this let me know. I will try …


  1. The medicinal/recreational stuff from medical conglomerates is strange, it doesn't give the same quality buzz, it tastes fake, and is expensive.

    I'm guessing they are using Monsanto GMO seeds and petro-chemical fertilizers. So basically Cannabis is being ruined for anyone who is a regular user by corporate technocratic monopolies, just like everything else.

  2. Oh the government's mighty paws… You pay for your taxes and don't even know the exact weight or the strain that's on that joint… Any good honest grower-dealer will tell you the strain he's selling. There's no stone like home grown!
    At least, being that shit assumedly lab tested, you know you won't be smoking any fungus.

  3. It looked like it said it was "Sunset" and an indica at %23. I first smoked weed around '85 and would say at that strength that cost for a gram aint bad. Then again if it were legal to grow I'd just grow an indica and a sativa and never pay for it again. Though I don't and can't(CDL) do that anymore.

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