Retired Marine – My Miraculous Story Of Extreme Healing! (Part 2) – 01/20/2019

Hemp Is The Next Big Thing! Thank You President Trump for putting We The People First and signing the Historic Farm Bill bringing HEMP back to American …


  1. Steve, you are refreshingly honest and polite. No apologies necessary. God bless you and praise Jesus Christ, The Healer of Healers, for healing you! Amen! God save our Republic! Did I mention that I am proud to be a member of The Motley Crew Hempworx Team? I am excited! ❤🇺🇸❤

  2. Steve , is mike pence is part of the “plan’ ? if so how do we reconcile the fact that he is against the first amendment by supporting a bill that fines and or puts people in jail if they boycott Israel . Does trump support his bill too!

  3. Mr.Steve, I'd like to share a bit of info that may help in your situation. Being you're a prolific reader, as am I, I'm sensing that this book, "Syndrome X The Silent Killer" (If you haven't read it) just may do some goodness for that body that you occupy. It's good energy man. Peace.

  4. Steve I appreciate everything you do.I stand with President Trump and Q and all Patriots.I don't know if I told you already but my mom is 73 years young and CBD oil has changed her life she has been pain free and sleeps well because of the oil No THC in it.My daughter has Crohns and it helps her a lot and I thank God for it.

  5. Hi Steve, so glad you mentioned the Living Defense! When you mentioned this stuff a long time ago, I trusted and believed you and therefore bought the Living Defense along with another product for yeast. I bought it from Alex Jones. After taking these products for 1 week, I noticed a huge difference in my health! I had no idea that I had parasites and how sick they were making me, I was really close to leaving this life…not a single doctor figured it out! So when you mentioned this product in your vids a long time ago, I told myself that I had nothing to loose! So Steve, I am one of those people that you have helped! My life has greatly improved thanks to you Sir! Much Love❣️❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️

  6. Hi Steve. I've been enjoying your youtube teachings about a month now. I'm addicted to Q and listening to those who have your inside scoops. Trump is fighting the good fight for ALL PATRIOTS! we know the truth and PAIN IS COMING! I cherish your you and and know you are called by THE ALMIGHTY LORD to do what your supposed to do. Love L.A. Marzulli too which I've heard ya mention a time or two. I'm stoked about whats happening at Gitmo. More to come. THE U.S.A. needs a SPIRITUAL CLEANSING. GETTER DONE! I live in Colorado Springs and on the CREATORS side. Names Bill……………….

  7. I am a patient and former employee of the Boise VA!!! One of the best VA facilities in the country. I think I remember you at the CLC I was a housekeeper. My name is Shawn. Norbert was my boss the former Marine drill instructor. Thanks for sharing your story and wish you the best going forward.

  8. I was with you all the way. Until you brought up alex jones that guy works with the cia and he is NO good for our counrty, he spreads hate and anger!! Thank you for your story, and I'm happy you are here with us to share it with us.God's speed brother

  9. Sounds like God isn't ready for you, but he sure does love you by what I am hearing from you. He directed your path and put people in your life at the right time. God is good, all the time.

  10. If you use the hemp oil you can never get controlled prescription medications Oxycodone Xanax anything like that. Also when you get in that program you lose your right to own firearms. For the rest of your life. Keep that in mind before you get in any program. That's in New Jersey read the fine print before you give your rights away

  11. at 29:51 I can tell you this.My Uncle George came back from Viet Nam with open cancer holes in his face.After one year using CBD oil all the holes closed and he last I saw him,three years ago at age 81 only had the white scars to show where the holes were and I am talking not tiny holes.But several inches in size ! Like you could see teeth throught he holes ! I saw pictures of his face back then .I am sure Jesus Healed him and the oil was a real help too.

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