Report: Marijuana on track to be legalized by the end of the year

The Democratic takeover of Congress could mean marijuana could be legalized by the end of the year. James Higdon, who wrote about the likelihood of federal …


  1. If the Democrats had swept in 2016, this would have been an ancient history, done deal already. No, federal cannabis reform wouldn't have been a total walk in the park, but it would have been achieved by now. Resistance to cannabis reform is nothing but an old conservative culture war sacred cow relic from the sixties. Let it go for crying out loud.

  2. Marijuana is less dangerous than cigs and alcohol, no matter how much you smoke you can NOT overdose, Its not addictive unless you have a addictive personality, nor is its smoke carcinogenic in any form. it is a wonderful Plant with many, many, medical proponents. LEGALIZE NOW!!!!!!!

  3. Use the money for the wall one of the legal states already got 2.2 billion dollars extra from it so it easy to make that wall money instead of petty shutdown that rlly did nothing

  4. A much more important issue than the wall. It never should have been outlawed in the first place. For decades the government has been locking millions of people in cages for simply possessing a plant that isnt toxic or poisonous. It should be legalized, and employers should stop urinalysis tests that test for the thc metabolytes and use salival tests to test for sobriety while on the job.

  5. I will tell you why it was made illegal it’s use by the native Americans was for healing, health, and opening the human mind. This scares that pharmaceutical companies that bank in billions of dollars each year the people they have formed pill dependency, they know that legal marijuana would severely hurt them and the pharmaceutical companies run our presidents campaigns.

  6. Throwing people in jail for using pot is very profitable but the money made in legalization will out compete incarceration. This tipping point will make it legal. It has to do with money and not about people's lives like it has always been.

  7. People are tired of the B.S. after all these years. Plus the fact that the 1% corporate Pigs have been making billions, while killing us with cigarettes and alcohol. Also, the billions the Pigs have made by locking up innocent citizens in their for profit justice system. But don't worry, they will tax it to death, PIGS need more money!

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