Ocean Grown LED Weed Grow Op Harvest Living Organic No Till 29

Welcome to Herbin Farmer NoTill Living Organics. Follow me as I learn indoor, no till organic cannabis gardening with worms, cover crop, DIY sub irrigation …


  1. Killer set up you got there!! And love those diy lights! Yes indeed thanks so much to Greengenes and Gromau for showing us the way! I built two of Greengenes 4 cob bar lights that have been amazing. Cheers. Subbed!

  2. Great update! I'm trying to decide whether to build one of those light grids or maybe buy another PLC and the only difference is being a scaredy-cat lol

    Pleasure meeting you at the cup, hope to go to another one and see you there.
    Keep it up, great work!

  3. Looks great Herbin Farmer unfortunately I have to relocate my tent and when I do I will be joining the no till revolution. Thankfully I only have to relocate from one room to another. How long until you put the clones in? One more question are you going to reamend your soil at all or once you add all the foliage back to the soil it'll be ready to go? Thank you for your time and knowledge

  4. I'm new to the No-till practice – flowering off my last bottled organics while in the process of unlearning it all. So seeing you do what I should be doing, while still going through the old motions is working wonders. Thanks for this – great stuff…got me some thyme!

  5. great content as always buddy im still amazed how much information you can get in your vids for the length of them !! ohh my the purple pie sounds like a winner fingers crossed for plenty females bud !! peace out (",)

  6. I think regular seeds are way better ….I would clone my seedlings ..at first topping(10")and put them right into a 12 hour photoperiod …letting your seeding grow unimpeded plus a chance to improve your clone game….I would ditch the tent..panda the walls and add 4 fans…temperatures will improve and so will your harvest…no till army 👍👍👍👍
    On Canada 🇨🇦

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