1. Love your videos but if you could put the stock name at the beginning of you discussing each stock so if we want to scrub through we dont' get confused! thank you!

  2. Also been keeping an eye on CVSI. Looked like it was ready to go today from its tightening range on the weekly. Almost tested the 4.89 resistance level, but pulled back at 4.82. Something to watch as well. Cheers and thanks

  3. Dan, your an amazing guy! Love the way you simplify looking at charts! Your so kind to do this everyday! Thank you so much! I always look forward to the end of your videos too, they are very relaxing and inspiring! I always leave your videos in a better mood than when I started watching!

  4. Why is it when a stock climbs you often call for consolidation, however, on many of these stocks there wasn’t consolidation coming down. It was just free fall in many cases. So why can’t it go up same way it came down?

  5. PSA: Young people get out and do something like he does, Don't put it off You Will be Old one day and look at things like this and only wish you still could……….

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