1. Just thought I'd say that I think the wire method for baiting is the best, because the wire holds the bait on good and the bait is easy for the lobster to see,I think the baitbag method makes the bait very blind to the lobster.also pollock and wrasse are my favourite bait for lobster, if I have fresh bait I normally leave it a day old, that way the freshness is gone and no congers the crayfish I got this summer were both cough using pollock.

  2. It's nice you still upload during the off season crap weather, it's nice your taking the time to do this and show people. I've got a couple of pots now which I'm going to put out next year to try my luck for a few lobsters for the table.

    All done via fishing kayak…. Wish me luck😂

  3. Excellent informative video as ever. Need to go and watch the other video now! Do you use older stinkier bait for lobsters, and a preferred bait species? I have mackerel in the summer mostly…

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