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  1. Dr. Gregor, I appreciate you and all you share. The research you’ve done and continue to do is amazing and most helpfully. However, I have a request.

    If you have NOT done extensive research on some questions, please answer it that way. Lead your answer with I don’t know, not sure, haven’t done nearly as much research or haven’t researched but read about it and your thoughts and opinions thus far are…

    Because people equate your extensive knowledge in nutrition to every other area of health and take your opinion as truth.

  2. There is a YouTube video about British testing for fitness/for age. I don't remember the name but I think the nationalized medicine there came up with some fitness standards testing…

  3. Hi Dr Greger – is there any evidence that Irish Moss, eaten as the prepared gel that's sold online , builds collagen in the skin?? I'm reading that it's a good alternative to build collagen if you don't eat meat. Thank you!

  4. Re: hypothyroidism and iodine deficiency… you talk about what works for that so quickly, I can't figure out what you are saying. lol I replayed many times. Can you, or any one else out there, let me know what it is you said at that part? Thanks so much.

  5. I love Greger, but man are you off on vaccines! I had a vaccine reaction as a kid and KNOW what encephalitis feels like! ( A listed side effect on every vaccine inserts) Don't over simply this by calling it "conspiracy" You "Dr" is showing. Do you really expect government funded studies to go against the cash cow? Of course not! But talk to parents of autistic kids, and they will tell you what happened (and believe me, they know life changed after the shots) we are leading developed nation's in sids and autism…. You can literally see video tapes of kids before and after shots regressing (no longer making eye contact or walking…) you need to dig deeper

  6. Dr Gregor what should those of us do who refuse to eat animal products or take supplements and are going for the self sustained food forest live in a hut type lifestyle? is there sufficient b12 in rain water? whats up.. we should never have to go against our conscious..

  7. really? Everyone should get flu shots every year? now I get it, you work for the enemy. I pray you reconsider your choices. i.e. Jesus or the god of this world. Another DEAD giveaway is the obvious 666 hand signs. THERE ARE LIES IN THIS TRUTH BE AWARE.

  8. Doc, you're amazing and incredibly informed regarding food, but you need to do your homework before you comment on Dr. Wakefield and his involvement with vaccines.  I think you will find parallels between pharma and big food that are familiar.

  9. Dr. Greger is not as well researched when it comes to the topic of vaccines. Nutrition is his field of expertise. I think Dr. Greger should refrain from making unsubstantiated blanket statements about this topic unless and until he decides to examine it, with an open mind and with as much care as he does with topics related to nutrition.

    Ad hominem: Andrew Wakefield is not the only Dr. to have doubts about the efficacy and safety of vaccines. Attacking him is pointless, and is not an argument.

    Of course whistleblowers get into trouble.
    Look up: Truth About Vaccines series, regardless of your position on the topic to see what other doctors who have actually been doing the research have to say.

    Argument by loaded language:
    Referring to "conspiracy theorists" instead of real arguments. "Conspiracy" is a loaded concept that has no bearing on truth or falsity. A quick examination of publicly available declassified documents by the gov. is all it takes to understand how often so called conspiracies turn out to be true. Using this terminology only serves to stir up emotions and minimize the importance of the question.

    Look up VAERS. People are being injured by vaccines, and you cannot sue a vaccine company that injured your child.

    Dr. Greger does a fantastic job in the field of nutrition, and I respect him for that. He should stick to that.

    His current position on the topic of vaccines also tells a lot about how much he actually knows about what is going on in the world today.

  10. I've ordered your book Dr Greger, can't wait!! When is your next live Q&A? I'm in Sydney, Australia and seem to miss you live. Want to ask about best/worst foods for INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS. My sister suffers badly and has given up meat in the last 6 months. I'm hoping she will go Vegan after spending the Xmas holidays with me this year 🙂

  11. Dr. Greger: I had my appendix removed and the CT scan also showed a rather large, fluid-filled cyst on my spleen and a smaller one on my liver. I've since gone almost completely plant-based (and was already eating a ton of veggies and fiber), but how do I get rid of the cysts other than that? Can't find anything online. Anyone else feel free to chime in, too, if you find reliable info.

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