1. The state better legalize it now so they can keep all the tax revenue from it before the federal government makes legal and the state won't get as much money

  2. I have petitioned the state to allow cannabis use to treat the effects of Willis-Ekbom Disease. Unfortunately it will take more than one year to be reviewed, let alone allowed.

  3. Weed helps me so much. I dont smoke weed to party. Im an adult and anxiety panic attacks and have a hard time going to sleep at night. Weed has helped me live a normal life they prescribe you all these weird pills that is what makes you addicted to drugs I'd rather smoke a joint and calm and relax myself then take a pill and be out of it for hours and hours so I hope they do legalize weed and it would put a lot of these drug dealers out of business. And bring the money to our state and our schools and everything else that were lacking in.

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