1. Something to note about these a lot of people don't realize – it also had a sizable amount of another substance called Phenibut which is an anti anxiety medication which can be bought openly in most of the world as a dietary supplement.

    Highly addictive and care should be taken.

  2. interesting. ty. I just received from a friend, I do take kratom for pain. red, green, white, I have extremely restricted doses 1tsp powder I down with coffee no caps. toss and wash. it has helped me greatly and I'm disabled. I no longer need even antiinflammatory meds, etc. so than you for the video I'll try it. you look goofy, goofy would be nice right now. my back is my biggest problem. I still prefer natural leaf powder, 2 yrs strong and quality of life is increased. I want to try it but not without reviews.. and not for future replacement for what I'm taking now. I've skipped all kratom dose today, empty stomach. so I'll give it a try.. after I do a little more research. did it make you sleepy at all?

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