Jelly Roll “Killin’ Me” (Official Video)

Jelly Roll’s official music video for “Killin’ Me” off the new project ‘Sobriety Sucks’ coming May 13th, 2016 Get SOBRIETY SUCKS here: …


  1. Struggle. Jelly . Jake. And the rest of the crew . u guys really put this shit out there . real life shit . I can relate to all of it. Born and raised in 660. Ya I'm lucky to still be alive to. Keep singing from the heart. And touching the souls and hearts with real music. Live on Missouri home town heros . love u brothers.

  2. Hey jellY rOll..this is your boy GEMINI..just want to let u know. You & STRUGGLE…y'all on 🔥…stay blessed and don't forget about the simple things that made us happy such as just owning Harley going for a 3 day ride..taking kids to park to play. BBQing with really help me three some shit and am very grateful..1 LOVE…1 NATION

  3. Stumbled across jelly an hour ago been listening non stop- lil wyte too but I’ve listened to his shit before- jelly you better then 100% these rappers out here- good shit man. Hope you gettin what you deserve

  4. Dad died September 30 this year n my older brother shot hisself December 22 this year jelly roll your the shit man my family name dies with me so youll be part of my life for generation's brother

  5. Merry Christmas Mama, I miss you so much and I need God and you to help me through what's become of my life behind my sobriety….R.I.P
    12-24-2018 for Julie,
    Luv your daughter
    Tru Upchurch😇💎👑😘

  6. i have no clue about your past or present, sorry about your lost but we all have lost but u honor yours with memories.' only ' connected with stumbled on more` of your songs.all i can say i am sorry we share the same true deep hurt

  7. Jelly you got so much raw talent, been a big fan for years bro, not a day goes by i don't listen to you. Your message is changing lives, personally your music has pissed me off because the truth always hits a nerve bu the message needs to be heard and feelings need hurt, your music is amazing, you have a fan for life, keep it 💯 always keep changing lives bro. Thanks for the shove and raw talent. God bless brother

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