GSM Update 1/16/19 – Sierras Get 6 Feet Of Global Warming – FACT Vaccines Kill – Glyphosate Fraud

40 mph mudslides, floods, blizzards, 6 feet of snow, 110 mph winds: California nightmare …


  1. Diamond what do you think about the plasma catastrophe? Whats your thoughts and can you do an explanation? Thank u!!! Can i get some seeds from you? I started my first garden last year because of you! but i have alot of work to do this spring! I live in nc and we have red clay in our soil. I had a hard time growing with all the rain. Hope 2 do better this year!

  2. Interesting note on your get a black dog comment. Some years ago in the Chicgoland area black squirrels started appearing everywhere and not in small numbers. I did a little digging and apparently they were INTRODUCED to the area because they're better equipped to deal with the cold. They're some sort of Norwegian species. I would have to suspect that they weren't introduced as just prey animals for predatory birds and coyotes. TPB knew/knows whats coming (kinda like ATL & their shiny new de-icers and plows). The black squirrels are going to be prey for the greatest apex predator the earth has known; people, during the GSM. Hell, at least there'll be some animal protein around… lol

    edit: now that i'm looking for the original article explaining the introduction of these black squirrels, it is nowhere to be found. every article now is just claiming they're just a genetically different sub-group of the common grey squirrel. even squirrel data is being supressed now.. sheesh

  3. Bing born and raised Canadian, at least we are separated from you guys, a little bit . Believe it or not we used to have lovely summers. All we have to worry about is snow, cold, or government and our neighbour

  4. That weed was two years old and simply dried out since it's original "weigh in". On the other hand, the Giant Rat of Sumatra is as big as a dog and they can chew through cinder blocks.

  5. 5" of burying Boston. Al Gore stops chortling when many areas of the mid-west and Northeast get an old fashioned winter. AKA winter 76-77. It was around this time in 1977 that Cincinnati, OH recorded 25 F below zero…that's the actual temperature on the thermometer. As I have stated many times, this winter has not and will not measure up

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