Grow Cannabis Dr Jollys Bend 01

Indoor tour of commercial cannabis gardens in Bend, Oregon. I spent quite a time touring this cannabis cultivation facility. There are several videos in the …


  1. Its in the 90's of production value the clay soil this area,,,,but most people get lawn chem and burn a dog terd,,,those got stranger than pool water,,,like when the fracking rust chased 2 edges of sidewalk for nearly 4 lots

  2. Neptunes doesn't have a product,,and Alaska brand,,,if maneagable or outdoor,,,pisses with fire weed good, and has good sparkle and jetson moss,,,,its tough and I can't use miracle grow,,,,some people have all the luck in the world between amending with nothing, or some Jobes turkey Fart. Like green matches

  3. Does that sign say chloroform,,,they look nice though, and they themself have their head on straight,,,,do a little run out far? It took forever and a fixed yard and foundation after the bottom of my aquarium had been a soak and pour and freeze with Neptune Red Seaweed,,,I can't eat on the shit,,,and Silvertone potting soil and cedar chip made crack and dry with malathion and Gelacerant flavor….well its banana clay know,,,and to at least have a standard rice Krispie bars around….if it was the 5th succession of being fooled by jug, it wouldn't make seed anyway,,,I estimate 5 times too! And the males smoked better first,,,,mines woody! Monkey Strike, Monkey Fruit!

  4. I found lots of little plants in 3d beds makes like a big plant in less than a month. Light bulbs put off direct light almost 360°. Use all of it don't reflect over half of it. That's a loose there. Indoor it don't pay to grow stems. Plasma bulbs that run off rf ballast put off full spectrum. I have moved to greenhouse grows as is cheaper per gram. It didn't freeze this winter no extra heat due to passive solar and thermal masses. Next winter I will grow a winter crop.

  5. I'm so mad I lost one ofyour books that I had was reading it outside went inside for a drink and it down poured ruining the book I was so mad at myself that book helped me

  6. Schwagg Holiday, other guys use door,,,Meine Chloroborm, Meine Turkey Fart,,,Are they work out size in glory,,,,And the Big Buds Bud Good Vivs…..Do They start emirate gas rent bitch,,,I wonder what to grow with with,,,or starter seed? Have you yound Use? Jorge Applied for walking through pot favoring seen a pollen, ? A pollen? Which jug is it on? Witch hazel butt ear?

  7. Funny watching an old pro testing the new kids. Took a long time to call them kids but they have to learn the particulars instead of just a daily bounce off the walls till spring time.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful comments everybody! I'm so impressed with all the growing that is going on in the Bend, Oregon area. Oh yes, last night I was interviewed on KPOV 88.9 FM radio in Bend. Tristan, who has been doing the radio program 11 years, interviewed me. Everybody has been so nice to me . . . wonderful!

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