Former Trump Lawyer is a SEXY STUD – Weekly Weird News

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  1. If they had those word magnets for him on his fridge, I'm sure someone would have found the word "pen" and the word "is" and placed them side by side. I'm guessing the person that would have done that is currently in the white house. I'm not saying it's Trump. I don't think he's smart enough to do that, but it might have been someone in there.

  2. I've never laughed so hard at anything so gross in my life. Thanks guys. Won't get this on CNN or FOX news. Now, I have to go find a syringe and some child size McDonald's barbeque sauce packets. To the porn!

  3. To b fair I do think Elliot is pretty cute. He is a nice personality I feel like he’d be super funny to be around not on purpose he’s just stating his opinion but it’s fucking funny af. So I guess that kind of counts as women for internet today. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. I'd tried to birdbox challenge in an empty field. That seems like it could be fun. To be fair, I had a blind friend as a kid, and I remember him telling me about him driving; and him being 100% blind.

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