Famous Dex And Soulja Boy Trade Threats On Instagram Live

Donkey of The Day For January 17th goes to Famous Dex after he and Soulja Boy were throwing shots at each other on Instagram live. Subscribe NOW to The …


  1. haha whoever saying dex is better than soulja boy its irrelevant they both garbage straight trash difference soulja had his own wave neither of em can rap for shit they both getting money big ups on that but that dont mean they aint trash aint even worth the argument it is smart though only thing that makes sense is to make dollars n they doing it

  2. Well what if someone popped up in your life saying They put you on the map Chalamagne..and you know they didn't but they out everywhere telling everyone they put you on the map

  3. The media is still trying to get rid of famous dex ever since the domestic violence video smh… yall treat him like hes the only one when most of yall do the same shit. it's not fair for him

  4. I’ve never really been a Charlamagne fan… BUT after watching this clip, I’m an OFFICIAL CHARLAMAGNE SUPPORTER!!! Not that he/you care… I felt the need to express how much his words affected me & hopefully many others as well!!! MUCH LOVE & RESPECT CHARLAMAGNE!!!

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