1. I came across your vids and I do enjoy watching your process. And your right! Every (body) is different. Im in a bad place. A 16 year user of vicodin. However, i'm on about 30 miligrams a day. I can't seem to come down any more than that even tho I want to. My regular doc moved clinics, he's not allowed to take on any of his old patients, i'm suffering with the new doc whos not understanding that I have real chronic problems and been using a Walker some days just to get out of bed. Doctors put us in this position cuz they made money by each prescription they put out and now with new laws they refuse to take any responsibility for what's happening in the world today with the (over usage) and feel they can just start cutting everyone off without taking in consideration, some, have real pain and are in need. I was on 80 miligrams a day and decided to come down on my own and it was my own idea to do so but I can't seem to get down any more than what i'm on now. But the new doc will soon cut me off completely and i'm trying to figure out how im going to survive. I need at least 5 mils in the morning just to get out of bed. I don't do any other drugs and I can't get my hands on the other, doc tells me to order the gummies without the oil, i'm like what's the fucking point! Any way, I just wanted to share a little of my story, i'm at the point where i'm not happy nor productive any more. I try but I work a little then im back in bed for the day, then up half the night just wondering around the house to work off my leg pains, yet need to be quiet so I don't wake anyone. Ugh, I don't know what to do anymore, I admit…. i'm weak and can't seem to get off the vicodin and now draining my savings as to I'm getting then here, there and anywhere I can find.

  2. Thank you for sharing!! Best of luck to you, i hope its still going well for you. I am currently on 1 to 2 Mgs a day and am honestly considering just taking a naltrexone and sweating it out for a day or two instead of the long drawn out weeks long normal process. I've also considered adding kratom to my daily sub dose while simultaneously tapering down on my subs. Idk about just goin cold turkey though, i don't know if I have the resolve to sweat it out for a week or two…anyways sorry for the rant

  3. Thanks man. I've been trying to get off a couple months myself, and it's very inspiring to hear from someone going through the struggle and getting tips. Cheers to you! Glad you're off. You're very right about mentally feeling white you're going to be in withdrawal, but you're actually not. It's hard to overcome the urge to do more but it's definitely doable! A big part of it is all the mental game. When I'm dropping my dose the hardest part is always the mornings – the first hour and a half or two after I wake up it can suck a little, but getting over that and going on a walk fixes at all and I'm fine for the day.

    You should make an update video every week, I want to know the progress. Are you still feeling any symptoms of withdrawal? Also, did you have the horrible Rls for some days?

  4. I tried jumping off at 3 mg a few weeks ago. I’m now down to 1 mg and doing fine. Going to try the jump again this weekend. 👍 how do you feel about your happiness level right now compared to 2 mg? What are the main things you notice that is different since being off?

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