1. For your fan, You should make an airflow shield that sits on top or attaches from the bottom, so you could direct the air flow to the floor or towards the ceiling, you could probably do it with just a board. That way you can keep all the air flow but no more wind burn.

  2. Hey Titan, 'Ow…. Shnap!' lol, love it.
    Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!!
    I popped 5 of the Square One and they are so fresh and vigorous they are all 5 above ground and ready to rock. I am curious what to expect for stretch with some of these phenos? Right now the taller one of mine is pushing 320% both runs.
    nutes Jacks 321 no boost yet.
    Next round is going to use Jacks a few RAW products or similar. Adding: Silicate (maybe) , Humic, Fulvic, Aminos and Kelp.
    Switching automatic top feed in the flood table now I can give them everything they need. The aboce treatment may be a tea that I brew IDK yet. Possibilities are endless.
    Thanks again for all you do, much Growers love!

  3. Looking good dude! Canopy management is always a struggle. Maybe you could do a mono crop on the right and a few different on the left where you have more flexibility with the lights 👍🌱🌲

  4. I like having small ten inch fans that tilt up and down on the floor and you can put them between the rows pointing up that way it blows the heat upwards and it keeps those leaves praying also if you run Co2 I guess they say Co2 falls to the floor so I'm not sure it helps with that

  5. i started dividing my strains by stretch. You could have one section be stretch and the HID section be shortys or vice versa. monocrops are great for dialing shit in but smoking the same strain for two months sucks lmao

  6. Dam brother u deserve my name lol thank you for dropping the knowledge. As far as the fan goes I would suggest keeping it oscillating that way one areas not taking the full force blunt trauma, but even lead Distributing the beating lol turn it down if possible one love.

  7. Have you tried actually mounting it to the ceiling and having it blow down on the plants? Just thought maybe you could get it a little further away by sticking it on the ceiling. I had to do once with two box fans and it actually worked really well

  8. I have noticed some strains react different to defoliation, but have you noticed any difference on defoliation bounce back under hps compared to led? Monocrop rooms are so much easier. Great update. 🌱💨💨💨

  9. Turn one of the fans around so it's cirrculating. I face mines so one fans blowing across the canopy and ur other fan is pulling so rectangle space I put 2 fans just like urs on the shortsides but one I angle twoarda the wall. It causes the leaves to move and dance but not a direct smack to the plants. Thatz my 2 cents keep killing it here's a video that might help https://youtu.be/lVB1sNWswxc

  10. Damn good vid bud, i like to feed jacks at 1350 ppm total with my tap(80ppm) then dulilute the jacks when i add my boosters 🤓 so basic mix never changes but the amount of water does 😉

  11. Im starting to have a feeling about leaf stripping. I dont see a damn difference. All i see is them slowing down so im back to lollipopping and defoliate before flipping and thats it. What you think. Do you really see a difference?

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