1. Hopefully you can help me out. when ever I get into week 4 I start getting yellow leaves with purple punch I have two beds of MaC and they are completely green / healthy. I’m using dual ended gavita I can’t figure out why? I was thinking my plants got too tall and the watts are at 1150. I dropped my watts down to 900 see if that works. All My short purple punch are healthy and on point. You seem to have it down any pointers on anything it else could be? Is there something this strain needs more of ?Thanks bud and good job

  2. I love the PLC 6, I need to see what the end result was.
    Doing my research on some of the best strains in the world.
    Been looking for Purple Punch for the last year it will be nice to actually hunt a variant that may even be better, I'm overpaid in life.
    Great job in both video capturing, editing and growing the finest dank!

  3. Hey I’m a YouTuber with 35k subs looking for a new vendor If you can contact me I can give you my actual YouTube account so you can see who I am. its an entirely separate category.
    But I do run a collective out of Scottsdale Arizona.

  4. I just ordered my Tribus microbes – both the grow and bloom flavors – they have a BOGO deal going for a few more days. I hope you mention it in your next YT update. I saw your IG mention of it. I hope it works as well or better than Mammoth. It's a little easier on the wallet than Mammoth.

  5. Coming back well for what it was my brother u made something out of nuthing 👍🏻💯💯🙏🏻🌳❤️ lmao 😂 good job bringing plants back sometimes prove to be harder than u would think lmao uno but they look good n healthy besides the sickly one chuck that sucker lmao I just did a video of my room that iam taking down now of some pretty good stuff n next run will be in my new room finally all sealed up n hanging lights lmao. My flower room now is only 7/8 n now the new one is 12 /10 n a little kick out also for transplanting n shit like that overall room was 11’ * 14’8” but I made a little walkway for my pots n coco n I made a table n put a sink n water lmao figured fck it do it right needed a real room like urs or Vader’s or uno room lmao good job tho buddy

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