1. Obama did a good job…. erhm.. from a non american perspective i can say he was one of your worst presidents in a very long time… he tried to take credit for shit that he had nothing to do with… he started wars and killed over 1.6 mil civilian ppl during he´s presidency so he´s a mass murderer..alot worse then bush was ..he fucked up alot of the world economy, fucked up FN very hard,promised alot but didn't really do anything more then ruin the industrial economy not onlly for the u.s but Europe as well..i can go on and on for easily a few pages can send you around 200 links of information from u.s state sources to fn repports to other countries reports and investigations.. he was a real deep shit..and even today he tries to take credit for things he had no power over…. oil prices for example… experts have proven that it was thanks to technology, new drilling techniques and refinery methods that lead to better oil production and findings..not obama… all he did was invade countries and kick started the hole damm refugee invasion..thanks for ruining the western world Obama you brain dead idiot… i mean com on fist black president was the worst president in a very very long time..if you count all the shit that happens now thx to what he did he got easly 10 or 20 mil ppll´s deaths on he´s hands and over 100k rapes he´s responsible for..and yes if you create the problem you are responsible to fix it.. not just say erhm.. well i did not mean for this to happen but fuck you and good luck with the chaos i created… enjoy… and then you see Americans praising this fuckwit this is why the world hate you Americans.. you are fucking retarded…

  2. David , not cool. Don't be bitter and pissed off about something that happen 135 years ago. You have been borne to the fact you have a "ready made grudge" to live the rest of your life, and, with no possible resolution because everyone responsible is dead. You had nothing to do with it, they had nothing to do with it, but you have taught/expected to be a victim the rest of your life and blaming it on someone else who is not at fault,. That's one of the worst, self inflicted saddest, un-fixing , existences, I`ve ever seen ,Iv learned if someone don't like you, can't change their mind by trashing them, it only makes it worse . Just sayin…

  3. If they can clone dogs they definitely can clone people. I will not be surprised if they killed the real Dave and clone this one. "Will the real Dave Chappelle please stand up".

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