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  1. hey @Simplisick huge fan of your channel. Just started watching about a week ago and ive spent hours on your vids. I was looking through your videos and came across the talk you did of supreme and mario carts, which caught my attention bc those are all over my area in Illinois. I was wondering how safe you personally believe the dankvape carts are if you know of them. I'm pretty sure those as well are not tested but from what I hear they are produced by DankWoods, so ig I'm just wondering where you stand on them. As you said make sure you trust whoever you are getting your carts from and this guy ik is trustworthy so thats not an issue. Thanks

  2. As long as your 8th is under 30ish you're profiting, so, if you buy this can figure out when your investment paid off… So, that isn't too bad, can also, just scale those prices up if need be and you can get cheap Os profit even more, also, smoking the chips aren't that bad when you're dry. Can always save them for those rainy days. Great way to save if you're in a legal or med state… Getting shit on by those taxes, lol.

  3. Missing the streams a lot but soon as I get my phone you already know. I also just found out I can't smoke for the rest of the year so your content really helps with the boredom

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