1. The only reason some people consider marijuana a considered a gate way drug is because most drug dealers don't only sell weed. If it was legal that wouldn't even be relevant and i think there would less people starting hard drugs.

  2. Nice to hear an objective perspective on weed. Expect nothing less from Ben tho 😎 I have to disagree about lsd tho I’ve done it multiple times and have been in a blissful state of mind almost every time and I’ve stayed indoors

  3. According to ben i'm stupid :/ He could have said the fact people smoke a lot is stupid but no he said the people who smoke are stupid themselves. This is the first time i had to disagree with him.

  4. Ben Shapiro for President! I know Mr. Shapiro would probably think that's too hard of a task for him but he would do a really good job as the most well spoken politician.

  5. As a pot smoker I wouldn't even recommend cannabis to an 18 year old. I prefer 21 to be the minimum age (for further mental development).

    Ben has quite a nasty attitude about pot smokers and it doesn't make any sense. Compare a pot smoker to a drunk and clearly the pot smokers are far more tolerable and less violent.

    As conservatives slowly lean toward the pro cannabis side, they will wake up and see how ridiculous they were.

  6. On point as always. Adressing some of the comments (and I have experience with all these drugs, so my opinion is not based on some gov. propaganda).
    – LSD is a extremely potent drug that can bring about unexpected behavior. I don't think making it available for the masses is a good idea at all. Maybe supervised medical use?
    -Weed in its illegal form is absolutely a gateway drug. Saw it happen to me, saw it happen to my friends. As often is the case, the dealer selling weed also sells mdma, coke and oxys (just to name a few). Soon enough you'll be like, oh I want to see what the fuss is about. Anyone denying this is (probably) a big marijuana fan and is basing their opinion on emotions rather than reality.

  7. As a black neutral ( maybe leaning a little bit left ), Ben Shapiro should be the fucking president. Not just because of this video. He’s a smart dude, and if we’re gonna have a conservative president, let it be this dude and not Trump.

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