Alexis Skyy Makes Homemade Dinner for Rob Kardashian

DMX wants a makeup’Fix My Life’ interview (00:04) ▻ Selena Gomez back on Instagram (01:05) ▻ A Boogie wit da Hoodie gets first number 1 album (01:51) …


  1. Poor Rob can't see a set-up when it's right in front of him?
    I guess he likes left-overs.
    Hoexys Skye needed a come up because Fetty don't want her so she found an easier mark.🎲
    She need to leave Chyna the hell alone because at least she knows who her kids daddy's are. Lol

    Ja-Rule is 🔥and we all Love him and his music. No other like him.
    Truly Original⭐👏

  2. Rob was petty against his family w Blac Chyna, then petty against Chyna with Alexis S. Rob is petty, period! Does he want Chyna, back?

  3. I disagree. I don't want physical copies to go away. They already make cars without CD players. Streaming can be removed or made unavailable at will…there's no credits for everyone involved to look at, no artwork, no photos, no potential posters etc or the anticipation of waiting and looking for the CD in the store and ripping the packaging and having a listening party. #80sBaby 🤷🏾‍♀️💜

  4. Rob & Kriss aren’t too dumb, kriss bought his home & assets so nothing is in his name & im sure his $$$ is in someone else’s name/account so the thots might end up paying him. The Kardashian’s need to go away!!!!!!!!

  5. People in the comments complaining about what they're talking about. It's called the RUMOR Report, not the News Report. If you don't care or want to hear the rumors, don't listen. Simple.

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