A$AP Rocky Denies Fan a Kiss on the Cheek

A$AP Rocky stops kissing fans on the cheeks (00:04) ▻ Travis Scott and Colin Kaepernick talk before Super Bowl (00:40) ▻ Sex trafficking at Super Bowl …


  1. Never TRUST nowadays females cause they’re like VENDING MACHINES. They’ll do anything for FAME and MONEY…Today they want a KISS 😘 on the cheeks, after 5yrs they will LIE against him and claimed he groped and RAPED them. How THOT-ful are these two ghetto hood rats 🐀 tryna get attention. Kiss 😘 them today, they will literally play Victims of Sexual assault tomorrow. Nowadays WHORES disgusts me!!! #TimesUp & #MeToo are all demonic trashy WHORE Dungeons!!!

  2. @ 5:10 bruh why is he ranting? How many times do they have to tell you he was doing fraudulent deals? They said it repeatedly and you keep going. I hate people who force their point home even after hearing hella factual details to the contrary.

  3. He's right & bm need to start valuing themselves.

    Stop running after and lusting after every girl, getting the reputation of being thirsty-so women can't convincingly claim you're sexual predators.

  4. I would have done the same! Especially in this me 2 era!
    There was a female colleague at work. Honestly we was cool (or so I thought). When she would walk past me, she would tap me on the shoulder in a playful manner and pretend that it was not her. Sometimes I would walk past and gently poke her on the shoulder with a pen (in a friendly gesture) . One morning, I got called to the office by a supervisor. Guess what? The girl reported me and lied that I was touching her Sexually!! I was shocked beyond belief!
    To cut the story short, that ordeal changed my attitude towards women for life! I swore on my life that I would put my boundaries up and never tolerate women (even on a friendship level). One day, I was driving in the heavy rain when a chick flagged me down for a lift. I just ignored and drove past her! I let her soak in the heavy rain!

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