1. Great idea bro…secure them trays….removable silicone “draft saver”….or make your own flood tray..what’s the final canopy height ?..maybe cut some pvc pipes for support under your cubes….even the quadruple thick trays might bend…
    Oh Canada 🇨🇦

  2. I know there like $18 dollars but I love using my drainawaydraintrays. Angled to drain and pipe them together to go to the drain. I just see trays on top of drip pans being ++work even if you drained that area to 1 draintray you could save a lot of headache.

  3. Hell yea!!! Looking forward to watch this play out. I can only suggest that you have a strong enough pump pressure wise. Floraflex recommends 25 psi at each nozzle to get the proper water distribution on each cap. Also if those caps are not squarely on the blocks and level the feed water will just go to one side and flow out of the little holes in the corners of the cap. This issue was a pain in my ass because my pump was not strong enough and the water water would run down the outside plastic on the block. Love your channel dude

  4. Cool video,I hope it works out for ya. I came across a video you've got to see the roots that grow pot cheaply is getting in a hybrid rock wool coco system I think it's called 4inches is all you need it use Dr Carl WHITCOMB rootmaster basics is another he calls it the 4inch rule.

  5. Im running flora flex drips into 5 gal pots, growing in coco. Entering first week of flower right now.. how many fertigations a day would you recommend with 4 dripers into one 5 gal pots

  6. Be. Careful those trays might not hold the weight of the plants when fully grown plus watering. So just watch so they dont bend and break on you

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