7 Million People Have Lost Health Insurance Under Trump Admin

The percentage of Americans without health insurance has reached its highest point since 2014, when ObamaCare was still in its early years of implementation.


  1. When you talk about the number of people who do not have health insurance, why don't you point out how many of those people made a conscience decision not to buy it. A lot of people didn't buy insurance before Obamacare required it and when that requirement was dropped, they dropped their insurance. It may shock you lefties because you think government is the answer to everything but a lot of people don't like being told by big brother what they must buy, "for their own good."

  2. I dropped Obamacare at age 62.* Premium (with no/never health issues or meds) was $650/mo with a $6,200 deductible. God only knows what it would cost today. That same year, my insurance underwriting/claims job was outsourced to India. I spent two years training 20 Indian employees because there were no jobs in my state. I lost my savings the next year, my house, everything. I fell through every crack under the Obama administration. However…..because I have traveled extensively throughout the world all my life, I am adaptable. Two years ago I moved to a beautiful city in Latin America where there are others like myself from the US, Canada and Europe living a fabulous life on little money because we can. I have always been a progressive (probably why I got canned from my conservative, corporate job), and I am proud to FINALLY see young people standing tall and speaking the truth. I have always voted for the progressives (Ralph, Bernie, and regretfully Obama 2Xs). I fear this next election because the monied interests will not disappear overnight. It will take a massive effort at the community and state level to move people and get them interested in our issues (issues that are everyone's concern) and it needs to start yesterday. Infiltrate Washington. Protest. Get people talking. I can tell you, living in Latin America, people are engaged, many of them older and retired. We do say that we live here because we don't care about politics in the US or Canada or the UK (one of the perks of being an expat), we are all supportive of peace and equality. We live among very poor people and it puts life in perspective. I don't need any of the things I lived with all my life. There is a quality of life here living with very little. Anyone who is in a place where I was a few years ago, understand you do have options. Liberdad!
    *We have great doctors here, many studied in the US. I pay out of pocket for services and I can afford it. I had cut my foot recently, and had to go to the emergency room where they x-rayed it, took out the glass shard and sewed it up, tetanus shot, med–no cost. Run by a Catholic Church organization that caters to the poor. Amazing people.

  3. And how many are dead yet ? Cute to spread statistics but tell me how many peoples died from all these predictable American deep shits, i don’t fucking care of statistics, give me concrete solutions, damn !

  4. I just went to an event where there were a lot of conservative who were friends with my grandma. They all asked me what I am going to do after I get my Phd in May. I told them that I am moving to Sweden, because of healthcare. I got a lot of weird looks, but no resistance, because people didn't want to start a political argument. Then I quickly brought up that i had to file bankruptcy after having two surgeries in 6 months and I had insurance, but at least an insurance CEO got a billion dollars in a severance package.

    I have figured out that framing discussions in terms of economics for individuals is very effective. It's important to avoid anything to do with groups of people, whether it's race, gender, or class. The corporate media has poisoned the discourse by pitting us against each other.

  5. Healthcare is not a “right”. Healthcare is a service. You don’t deserve a Doctor’s service just because you exist. Making someone else pay for your services is called theft. Other people are not responsible for your wellbeing.

  6. they didn't try to repeal and replace, they only tried to repeal. i have no faith the gop would actually have come up with a replacement after they repealed it


    -Free Market Sycophants

  8. In don`t get the conversation in the US about healthcare. I pay about 180 Euros a month for healthcare in Germany. And that`s it. If I get sick I get every treatment necessary and I won`t pay an extra penny. And our system costs way less then yours per citizen. Even the far right extremists should say, yeah that is great! We save money and we can buy more guns and military shit. So what is your f`n problem americans?

  9. Kyle, as you know many people were forced to get insurance under ObamaCare and ended up with policies where the deductible and/or co-pay was astronomically high. They were paying premiums each month for insurance that they could not use. How many of those 7M are simply people who decided that they no longer wanted to pay for something that they could not use?

  10. UNH, United Health Care's stock is still trading at $250 a share! Obviously, Wall Street is not expecting Medicare for All any time soon. They pretty much know what's coming. Not looking good for the cause.

  11. Please understand that just because a person is uninsured doesn't mean they aren't receiving healthcare. One of the biggest criticisms of Obamacare was that it forced people to buy health insurance they couldn't afford. A very real problem then was that people were forced to pay so much for health insurance that covered virtually nothing until a 10,000 dollar deductible was met. People would then have no money left over to pay for actual healthcare. Now people are choosing to not buy health insurance and many are putting that money to actually getting healthcare.

  12. Because Trump stopped Obama's stupid system. It forced people to buy it or pay a penalty. So if you stop FORCING people to buy it, obviously the amount of people covered will drop. This is a liberal talking point because it makes Trump sound bad, as if he himself took people off of it. No, people just are not forced to buy it anymore. What's gross is Medicare for all.

  13. President Obama gave ad-makers plenty of fodder last year when his promise — “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan” — clearly was proven false. We had said years earlier that Obama couldn’t make that promise to everyone, but the claim made headlines when Americans received cancellation notices for individual market plans that no longer met the law’s requirements.

  14. I can’t wait until there’s single payer health insurance. And single payer car insurance. And single payer grocery stores. Single payer housing market. Single payer clothes. Single payer everything!

  15. Skinny Repeal Fails?

    Gut ObamaCare and increase corporate welfare via Executive Orders.

    And Trump cares about Americans. It’s Pathetic and Manslaughter.

  16. Politifact rated this claim “Half True” in response to a tweet by Maria Cantwell. Their conclusion stated, “The tweet cites one study of health insurance coverage, the one undertaken by Gallup. However, [Maria] ignores two closely watched government studies that showed much smaller changes in uninsured Americans, and in one instance, actually found a modest reduction in the number of people without insurance.”

  17. That is a devious political statement and sleight of hand. A typical bully move to accuse your target of your malicious take down of the healthcare market by destroying it with Obamacare and blame your opponent. Obamacare was designed to create monopolies and for it to strangle the monopolies as its gets very expensive by law. Obama had huge fines for anyone whom did not pay for healthcare. Health insurance plans got very expensive under Obamacare year on year.
    Family plan deductibles is the only thing that decreases under President Trump whom wants to reform and open the Hesth insurance and medical markets and gets doctors away from slaving with most of their day on paperwork, to treating patients on the frontline.

    Socialist Obama lied about keeping your family doctor (many crashed out leaving corporate type doctors) and lied about health insurance would get cheaper.

    Millions lost health insurance under Socialist Obamacare, because the law created monopolies (as smaller medical clinics could not afford the new regulations and costly paperwork) and made healthcare costly that health insurance are worthless with huge deductibles. Obama wanted to nationalise the healthcare, but first had to destroy the current system by legally adding financial pain for the working people first, so they would submitted into Government run healthcare, which always failed in every nation long term.

    US private healthcare is actually paying for the majority of new development of medical treatments for the world's national healthcare whom plagiarism it afterwards. Government run healthcare will destroy the vast quantities of research programs been done to find new treatments for medical care.

    In the last budget President Trump allowed people to not get health care, by dropping the heavy government fines. So they did not "lost" their heslth care, but "dropped" it because of Obamacare made it very expensive.

  18. If this is being reported as just fuel for the Dems to defeat Trump, okay, but it's not exactly a complete picture.

    Obamacare's a terrible system. The very idea of allowing a for-profit hospital to exist is a terrible idea. The reasons for the high prices are complicated, but not insurmountable. This for profit Health System with insurance companies and sub providers and hospitals and specialist and clinics is expensive. 5 times the price of a non-profit system. To blame this all on Trump is incorrect.

    It should also be pointed out that Dump was for Universal Health Care at one point, but was talked out of it by his evil crew.

    Lastly, I'm not sure the Dem's are for universal health care. Some of them sure, but I don't know if enough are.

  19. The real reason health care is too expensive: govt. subsidized education incentives high tuition, our eagerness to sue doctors, govt. programs unfairly competes with private insurance, illegal immigration, and we rightfully encourage innovation by rewarding those who inovate. My concerns with healthcare 4 all is that it will just be another burden on tax payers.

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