1. Let me see something: like this if you were a major ass dork from high school to the end of college, your swag-free ass still somehow got laid, and even if you never got laid, you never wanted to threaten women for it. I want to meet somebody who could defend shit like this.

  2. This is what are fucked up culture is breeding now days.. This Generation is full of over sensitive and entitled people so what do you expect they dont know how to work for what they want they just expect it to be handed to them…

  3. uh…I wouldn't call that ish masculinity. Toxic -yes. But not "masculine". He's just one of the many toxic individuals being porduced by a certain culture of entitlement. Full stop.

  4. Anyone can into that mindframe like his . . . therefore dont cast stones . . . because anyone can get to that point . . . especially dudes who can get girls. All im trying to say is that people have their limits and how much they can tolerate.

  5. Come on ladies throw these niggas some pussy one time just once. For the culture. Shit y’all out here fuckin everything anyway just hit em with a quickie😂🤣A handjob or sumn at least like damn whats it gonna hurt. Be a hero, help stop these mass murderers in their tracks!!

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