16 Shocking Celebrity Drug Addicts

You wouldn’t believe that some of your favorite actors and singers have shocking drug addictions, a few overcame and a few didn’t. Subscribe to American Eye …


  1. 50 cent is a classic black asshole X 100 He thought he was really something in his day but turned out to be a loser. Just like any black rapper to follow him… little talent, thinks he's important enough to need bodyguards and lives well above his means until he runs out of money. Then he can't follow up with anything and flops. He's just another foul mouthed moron no one ever cared about in the first place. You're in the ghetto and you deserve to be there.

  2. dude can you back up anything you havve said with proof? Probably not because theres a few people in here that you just made shit up about. Your a dumbass just tryin to get clicks

  3. Can you explain why the fuck you put The Rock, saying he took steroids, with drug addicts..?? It makes no fucking sense at all, you can stop taking steroids whenever you want. It’s not an addiction.

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