Why Your Fear of Needles Could Kill You | Incident Report 213

Dr. Amy Baxter is on a mission to relieve suffering. People blow off needle fear but could we be losing a generation to antivaccine attitudes because of a failure …


  1. Love learning about personality. I used to instantly disagree when I was in younger years now as a 33 yr old I embrace my traits even the ones I don’t like because if you don’t embrace them you can’t change yourself for the better

  2. As someone non-medical with a severe, lifelong fear of needles, I love this episode! It's very informative and helps explain some of my thought process during the fear response. It was interesting to hear that kids who got the HPV vaccine went the nasal route for flu. My teen daughters recently chose to receive the injected flu vaccine in tandem with their other scheduled vaccine during their checkup. Meanwhile, I'm still working up the guts to get just one…

  3. I love to watch a provider give me vaccines. Don't know why, but I find it fascinating to watch each individuals technique and skill. I find that being a nurse, and knowing what exactly is going on under the skin certainly takes away from the fear. Interesting topic

  4. I had this phobia,. I take it back to allergery test at aprox age three. Poked…stabbed in my mind up and down both arms and all down my back while they held me down. I used to fear docs hospitals ect. Even the smell of hospital would bother me. It's a miracle I work in healthcare now (therapist no needles!). But I still avoid being stabbed whenever I can.

  5. Every person who had an issue with pain should watch this. Dr. Baxter you’re fucking amazing. Thank you for all the information you gave me that I can take along in my practice.

    Strong work Zdogg!

  6. Dr. Baxter is my new spirit animal. I aspire to be as smart and involved as she is when I finish my NP. Personable, intelligent, smart (not the same), and real. I personally do not like needles, but learned how to deal by deep breathing. My earliest remembrance is being held down and stabbed with the needle– causing horrible fear. Instead, I give patients injections by giving them time to deal and by showing them empathy by attempting to help them find their coping mechanisms too. Takes a little longer but people are worth it.

  7. I just watched almost two hours of a lot of information from two smart and sincere fast-talking individuals who think they know more than they actually do because they know a lot and don't think there's anything more they need to learn about certain subjects. The reason that most thinking individuals refuse vaccinations for themselves and for their children is NOT for the fear of the momentary pain as a result of the vehicle for delivery of the vaccinations, it is for the fear of the INGREDIENTS in these pharmaceuticals which enter directly into the bloodstream and brain and are intended to cause permanent long-term changes in the immune system — mainly unknown and unscientifically substantiated changes.

    Studies are revealing that the most heavily vaccinated nation in the world has very poor health outcomes for its children and adults in many health indicators including infant mortality, childhood cancers and autoimmune diseases. Could it possibly have anything to do with the dramatic rise in vaccination which is designed to change the evolving immune system from the first day of life? Recent studies are associating childhood leukemia with NOT getting infections during the first year of life, PROTECTION from adult cardiac disease as a consequence of natural childhood infections like measles among other benefits of exposure to natural environmental "antigens" without the exponentially increasing toxins added to the "teeny tiny amount of antigens". Trying to legislate an "antiseptic" childhood and adulthood is having potentially catastrophic consequences for many many individuals and is potentially impacting the lives of the greater "community". Why do you ignore the millions of individuals around the world who are vaccine injured and only validate the relatively few injuries and deaths, as tragic as they are, even before the specific vaccines were introduced?

    The flu vaccine is an admitted "mess", as characterized even by its greatest proponents. It is minimally "effective" and almost half of the compensation for vaccine injury is for injury as a result of this vaccine. This is more of what informs the "hesitancy" of those "over-educated" skeptics. It would be much more difficult to devise a numbing devise for that kind of pain. Confidence is great but hubris is unattractive and dangerous.

  8. Thank you for addressing this, Z! I have a genuine phobic response to needles. It started with a traumatic experience when I was 4 years old with an appendicitis scare. I get vasovagal response during blood draws and IVs. IVs are hell because they have to dwell under the skin for a long period of time. I understand the importance of these procedures so I don't avoid them. I've slowly done a lot personal work to help myself desensitize. I can get shots without fear these days, and I've gotten a lot better with coping skills, but I really want to continue to feel better. I look forward to listening to this.

  9. How does this needle phobia in the post 1982 generation fit in with the growing prevalence of tattoos? I'm 1949 vintage, and while I'm not wild about needles, I suck it up to the point of watching the needle go in when I have blood taken. I even did it once while donating blood just for the macho points. I get vaccinated not only for myself but so as to not be a vector. But I'm not up for a tattoo.

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