White Widow [Organic] Cannabis Strain Information & Review

This week we are taking a look at some organically-grown White Widow. Did you enjoy this video? Click here to find out how you can vote for upcoming reviews …


  1. That bud looks like it was stressed due to all the red pistil hairs. You judge by trichome coverage not the shape of the bud. Red hairs may look appealing but they don't have many trichomes.

  2. I don’t mean to sound rude – but just being honest —- that bud in your hand is premature, oh yes —- cut way to early – so anything u have to say has no value sir — i live in Canada, pot is legal here and we have some serious growers —- shit I got some wwidow in my show now and when i am done it wont look anything like what u have (or what u think u have lol)

  3. I just came to say that, while that 'white widow' bud in this videos' thumbnail and shown at 0:45, looks pretty, in a visual way, and while i'm in no way happy to report, that I can see its' taste from here, and it looks like it tastes like absolute chlorophyl extract sprayed on hay.

  4. White widow doesn't exist like it used to. The stuff in late 90's early 00's was the bomb don't care these guys keep saying old school. That shit ain't it doesn't even look the same that's some newer tainted strain. I remember big ass buds, sticky and glistening with massive crystals and massive trichomes and not just a bud full of fox tails.

  5. That imported looked much much much better. But that's the downfall of organic grows. I actually don't like organic grows like you stated. But there are good organic plant food that makes the best bud on the planet.

  6. Organic so it's gonna smoke smooth.. that makes no sense what so ever. But whatever.. organic tends to just be kinda of lacking in size potency and flavor. The only way you should do organic is in an outdoor grow. I'm sure England sucks to grow weed. Not like the Isa where east and west coast have awesome grow zones and some of the best weed is grow outdoors there.

  7. White widow was bred by Mr nice before he left green house. When he left he took all his genetics and left them with n ithing to breed with. The white widow thay they bred in the 90s is Not white widow!

  8. Bro if you smell a bud you cannot know what strain it is, I’m sorry. There are roughly 16 cannabinoids that distinguishes smell. Terpenes. You knew that. There are tens of thousands of strains. So statistically there’s a one in 16 chance of 2 diff strains smelling the exact same. Sorry, I got the impression you can tell strains by smell. If you think so, I’m saying doubtful. I’m not trying to be a dick, the video is great and I personally grow 100% organic, which doesn’t mean it’s fed only water. That means the soil and nutes are organic. Thanks

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