What does root rot look like, and how do I fix it?

I got busy and let a few of my plants get away from me. The roots rotted. Rather than just throw them out, I thought I would take the opportunity to use my dying …


  1. I have African Violets where I use the "wicking" method to water them.
    You grown them in a 3 oz. plastic mouthwash Solo cup w/ drainage holes & a piece nylon mason line threaded thru the soil down into a reservoir (like a 16 oz. margarine tub) that uses the "capillary action" bring the water up to the plant.

    Sometimes the roots grown right down the string or even thru the holes in the pot and the plant will grow a full-grown normal size. (like yours)

    Those plants where roots stay bound w/in the pot will "miniaturize", which is COOL.

    My problem is the "root rot" or what the Violet growers call "crown rot".
    One experienced grower w/ fabulous plants uses a layer of MORE Perlite (than normal) to prevent it. I have so many African Violets that i don't always have the time to wash out the containers and rocks (that I use for ballast) every month)

    I just started getting this "root or crown rot" (I think?) on one of my oldest plants because the leaves are curling.

    MY question to you is….I have Peroxide, but it only 3%. Is there an equivalent amount that I can add to say 1 cup of water to follow your procedure ?
    I'm no good at the math with the decimal system (29% peroxide…[email protected] 3 ml per gallon converted to my 8 oz. cup of water ?)

  2. soo its much like an aquarium, either change water every other day or introduce an air pump… otherwise your fish starts to suffocate and try to breath from water surface, eventually die horribly :(.

  3. Growing kratky and having the black tubs outside i have problems with reservoir temps and root rot so i add calcium hypochlorite now at the start of the grow and every 5 days after. had no problems since i started this. i use this instead of h2o2 because it a lot cheaper.

  4. Seems like you have a heat problem, that'll make it easier for the root rot to happen, as it makes the water a good breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria. The other indication of too much heat is the lettuce trying to flower which is why they all grow tall like that.

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