Thu, Nov 15: Anti-Trump Flake; Illegals! Avenatti Arrested!

Thu, Nov 15 Hour 1: More love vs like; No passion; Jeff FLAKE; IndieGoGo launch | 1) Jesse & Joel talk: You can’t love someone and “not like” them. Passion is …


  1. Please learn how to read before trying to inform people mr. Jesse dumbass. You will always be in the fields knocking on massa's door trying to get in…..YOU WILL NEVER BE INVITED INSIDE THE HOUSE… matter how much buck dancing you do.

  2. The Trinity. Decision maker, our god self and our ego. Our god self is perfect, our ego is the problem! Of course we should make good decisions, but our ego is always in the way!

  3. 41 mins in they've been "con" ditioned by these (NWO) scum n then on top of that to speed up process u have Flint Mi. or 10 YRS B4 in D.C. dopin them down with stupid water n yet , STILL THEY BELIEVE . . .

  4. yeah jeff flake was on local Boston am radio channel while running 4 pres n I question him on NAFTA and then he went on n on with his bs knew right then bought n paid 4 by citizens united ( nwo ) phoney gd flake n Trump chased his sissy ass out of office can u imagine if dildo got in office civil war would be well on its way (hopefully) also fn catholic church is given millions by USA govt 2 hand out $$$ 2 these parasites (illegals) , child molesting freaks SHUT THEM DOWN take away tax exempt status Top 2 Bottom rotten cardinal law local degenerate spent his dyin day hiding out in pimps house (vatican) ROTTEN thru n thru he shuffled pervert priests around like pieces on a chess board EVIL . PPL r finally opening their eyes to ALL THESE CHILDREN OF THE LIE , I love that sayin your a funny bastard reg PPL no pretence

  5. Jesse Lee, I watched Katie Hopkins on the fallen state last night. I think u should invite Tommy ROBINSON on the show. U need more than one hour with Tommy. He has good informations to share with your audience. Make the effort cos. God bless. Ammmmaaaaazzzzing.

  6. Agree with most of his show. Getting old when he claims to fully understand all meanings. Now he says the word passion is a female word. Gimme a break! Love Jesse, but wish he would stop with telling how to use words like passion .thats just opinion.

  7. Didn't Jesse say there is no such thing as free thoughts???? Now he wants you to donate to free thought 🤔didn't Jesse say all thoughts are from the devil? Now he wants you to donate to free thought. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this guy is a fool and anyone who believes in him.

  8. Jessie fortunately for me i had a good man for a dad i wouldn't trade for the world a honest hardworking decent man he was firm and fair and ruled the house you remind me everyday to strive to do what is righteous and good thankyou for that

  9. I uploaded a video today talking about racism and what a African American women had to say about all white folks. It would be great if you watched it and shared it with everyone you know. I want people to hear this message

  10. "College" is completely useless. Trade school is the answer. No man should major in "communications" or "english lesbian studies". Try HVAC, computer programming, engineering, something that has value.

  11. Am I Holy? Love your Biblical questions, Jesse. Yes, I am holy. Once God placed me in Christ and anointed me with the Holy Spirit my eyes opened up and restored me from "the fallen state" and into the light of goodness doing the will of the Father. Today I have God's attributes of love, joy, hope, patience, goodness, and self-control. Those are now natural virtues I live. LOve you my friend. GBY.

  12. 🔯🔯🔯🔯Jesse…I just watched your interview with David Duke about "The Jews" where you wouldn't let him respond and answer to anything regarding the Jews and their control of the media industry. ??? Why is that????

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