This BLOWS AWAY ALL Other Refillable Pod Kits! The Vladdin RE! BEST Vape For Beginners!

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  1. Do me a favor, speak the hell slowly, when you review something and don't act like a show host on cocaine. And second don't stick your face so close to the camera, you freak people out with your googly eyes. And move out of the garage.

  2. the smok slm works just fine for me, gonna receive my vladdin soon (Shipping mistake) and see the dif, would love a smok slm review because i can say the mtl draw is pretty damn good. deff a real "E cig" smaller than the vladdin as well

  3. so a quick question that i know you wont read because its an old video haha but still tougt i should ask. Can i use regular ejuice with a higher nicotine strenght in this? so for example a 12/18MG 50/50 Ejuice? 🙂

  4. What is the battery life on this? I just got one today myself and it doesn't seem to last that long. I don't expect it to last all day but it seems like I have to charge it every hour. Maybe I just don't understand how I'm supposed to know when it is done charging?

  5. Sorry dude, this Vladdin system sucks. Flavor is a mess after like half pod of use. I know people hate on Smok, but I found the Infinix to retain flavor WAYYY longer than this thing. Super disappointed to be honest.

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