The Media Blames Fortnite For Gaming Addiction

Good Morning America shows just how out of touch they are when it comes to video games with their “insightful” new “What Would You Do?” Support my future …


  1. Personally I strongly dislike fortnite. As somebody who likes story driven narratives and engaging worlds these shallow shooters, battle royales, and MOBAs are the bane of my existence…
    …that all being said, as a gamer, these hit-pieces the media keeps pumping out are utterly annoying. "this game is a mindless loot and shoot, therefor all games melt your noodle!" nevermind that there are many games out there that play like an interactive book. Forgoing the massive library of older games, I'll just reference one, fucking ~~God Of War~~ Dad Of Boy. That game has an engaging narrative, it entices people to learn more about nordic and greek mythology, and it tells the interesting story of a man who previously knew nothing but violence struggling to be the father he needs to be. You don't hear the media talking about those games, do you? Nope, it's all "I saw a lootbox, quickly, ban everything!" (Personally I also don't like lootboxes, but you don't use them as an excuse to shovel a narrative nobody wants.)

  2. Meme here that gru meme when he looks at the white board like what that board should say parenting or the Phil swift green screen when hes like what it says parenting theres a meme idea

  3. dude i could not blame my teacher for supended because i was playing coc and i blame fortnite for putting my ass in there so yeah

    we blame fortnite for everything even if doesnt exist

  4. Yes the media is one hell of joke that is why I don't bother to watch the news because they using the escape goat meta also blaming someone or something and acting like a 4 year old and saying ohh it's trump fault or its fortnite like these parents easily tell this 9 year old girl after like one more game or take the console its so freikin stupid how people do stuff.

  5. They should research more into the topic, instead of just clicking one site and being like "This is all the info we need now we can make the episode" then they would make a less cringy TV episode of Gaming Addictions but, it'd still be cringe. Was funny when he said "You made me lose" instead of the epic gamer talk of "You made me die" because using words like that is a big no no.

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