Texas Marijuana Policy Rundown with Heather Fazio

“Oftentimes the folks who are on the fence about this issue are looking to you as a resource for how these policies are negatively affecting our communities, and …


  1. no pot dui's get them off the books. it don't make you a drunk driver. it dont affect your driving. stop lying. i mean stop supporting people who say you cant drive because of weed. it is a lie. you dont get a dui in massachusets if you got a medical marijuanna card so why would anyone get a pot dui if they are using it reqreationally? hello. nobodys going to smoke weed if they cant drive they caa. i drove stoned everyday for 6 years, dont tell me it causes accidents i didn't have any! Zero… next. Hillary clinton i got yerr studies. i studied it. 🙂 oh by the way did you know STATE OF TEXAS is not a state? texas state is a state, then there is the republic of texas which has 35 counties and includes all of texas and parts of colorado and wyoming, it was there before there was a texas state. STATE OF TEXAS is actually called cash cow corporation and it has a ceo. giving somebody a pot dui is unconstitutional.

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