Since Decriminalization, 96% of People Arrested for Weed in Baltimore Are Black

Journalist Brandon Soderberg and 34-year police veteran Neill Franklin discuss “Structural Racism and Cannabis: Black Baltimoreans still disproportionately …


  1. Baltimore? That's not a surprise. Of course the court will impose the max time when they can't collect the fine. A crack in your tail light can get you this. No room for human error and no forgiveness…

  2. Why arent the police jailed for racism? They are trained by Israelis to shoot to kill at the drop of a hat just like they do to the Palesinians. See where this is going? Its best to start bringing racist charges against the cops before its too late.

  3. I would disagree that race was the reason for cannabis criminalization – that was icing on the cake for the then popular KKK and others of that ilk. Dupont's desire to sell nylon rope was the true driving force. ALWAYS follow the money to understand what happens in the US. Military need was the only exception to serving Dupont's profits.

  4. Brandon Soderberg might have lied about the Freddie Gray protests outside of pickles pub while he was working at City Paper, but I agree with him on this topic. Decriminalize all weed possession and dramatically scale back the corrupt BPD.

  5. But are the blacks not being found with illegal amounts regardless. Not to mention other stuff. Why did you not discuss that? Also, you dont think 50 lbs of weed should be illegal???!!! Also, why would different groups with different behaviours have the same level of arrests. And yes I am black and I am happy they are being put there. Your virtue signal is not working on all blacks.

  6. This is state sanctioned slavery. This country was built by slaves and slavery. It is still maintained to this day by slave labor. They will not let their slaves in Prison go without a fight. Too much money is being made. The US govt. Use them, corporations use them, etc.

  7. As a side statistical number, 50% of the incarcerated people in America are Black when they represent 15% of the population. Research shows no cultural group commits more crimes than any other per their population amount. That shows the inherent cultural marginalization represented nationwide. Racism is an institutionalized tradition.

  8. But Baltimore is about 65% Black already and less than 30%White, so it is not a stretch to say that what is left of whites, live in guarded gated communities and are law abiding. 96% kinda seems a little low though as far as Black arrests.

  9. This points to a couple things, 1. Is that true criminal justice reform will require legalization 2. Having black politicians and police (I know that this depends but has been true of people in power in Baltimore) does not necessarily lead to less racist policing. 3. Police are immoral for enforcing obviously immoral laws and must not be treated as selfless public servants with reasonable opinions but as actors that have almost definitionally chosen to side with inflicting blatant pointless injustices on less powerful people either due to moral or intellectual failings. We must try to eliminate or defang ALL police and correctional unions and organizations that hold any power in public policy or PR.

    The fact that tons of establishment politicians have embraced “criminal justice reform” is a sign that the policies they’re actually supporting will only make small differences and retain most of the immorality inherent in our current system. Additionally real reform has to include releasing “violent” offenders that had guns but didn’t use them.

  10. So Baltimore decriminalized possession of small amounts of pot, then reduced arrests of whites for pot, but doubled arrests of blacks for the same amount of the same substance. Flagrant racism obviously still persists in the BPD.

  11. Untill you “actually” stop arresting black people for non crimes and/or planting evidence on them or in general ONLY patrolling low income areas for said non crimes, you won’t get any other outcome than the one you started with in the first place. Because you know they must be doing something wrong. I mean, when you know you’ve closed off ANY other avenue I.e. employment, recreation areas, safe social spaces , approved leisure activities, to occupy their minds, what’s left?

    It’s a really sad and pathetic hallmark of the baby boomer generation and the remaining parents of, that are still haunting the rest of us.

  12. How many Shootings are done by ANGLOS?
    How Many Drive by's are done by ANGLO'S?
    How Many Robberies with a FIREARM are done by ANGLOS?
    ETC. ETC. ETC..

    NO…. I'm Not An ANGLO!

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