Ryan Davis on R Kelly: You Put “R” in R&B & “RR” in Statutory Rape (Flashback)

In this VladTV flashback from 2018, Ryan Davis spoke on R. Kelly and his situation. Davis talked about the videos he’s done about the R&B legend, most notably …


  1. yall better stop listening to all music then cuz they all do or are dping some fuckery….we sit here amd hear niggas lyrics and ignore the fact that they admit to what they do. from rkelly raping girls to snoops murder was the case. to tge migos admitting they move weighy for big money people. but we still bump that shit. subconciously we apart pf tgis sick ass culture

  2. I just realized I might have been the same age as the girl in the video at the time. Because if it the tapes were going around in ‘99 I was 15 then. But I watched it when it really “leaked leaked” online in ‘01 when I was like 17. I’m 34 now. This puts everything more into perspective. Hmmm🤔… and this coming from a die hard fan. Who grew up listening to Kells!!!😫

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