1. I decided to increase the watering frequency rather than the amount. So instead of 3 fertigations per day I increased it to 4 times per day and I will continue to do so until the proper saturation point is reached. Each watering duration is one minute long. Thanks for watching.

  2. I'm loving this run man! How many mL do you end up with at a plant site at the end of your one minute feed cycle? The last time I ran the same set up except on 4×8 tray's and I drove myself crazy trying to dial in the short feed cycles like every one suggested. But a few people said to feed until runoff three times a day while lights on and I do think as a new person like myself it worked out the best in my situation.Thanks for the update on your garden

  3. I've been watching you for a fair bit and I know you rock out. But those plants are looking sad in veg. Can't wait to see the trichomes stack up. I tend to neglect my vegging plants a bit too but my flower I don't take any shortcuts.

    From watching you I have been dabbling with silica for about a year as you sold me pretty good on it. Do you find it helps with trichomes like I heard some say? Or just IPM? Do you still run a high humidity in flower?

  4. My hats off to you. It's not easy to dial in a good rock wool grow like you are. Congrats πŸ€―πŸ‘ I like doing 10-17 gallon dwc DIY storage tubs.πŸ€―πŸ‘πŸ€˜πŸ‘

  5. what up THC Titan!) "No scade", is what they say here…dont be scared! Water those things..thats the key with rockwool..you can water and not really over water..with air to water ratio. Did you flush cubes prior? rockwool gots to be flushed with 5.5 till stable runoff. anyways..check your ph and measure what your drippers are dispersing and give those babies what they want..some..Jack's…PPFD..CO2..fresh breeze and some TLC..I mean some THC Titan! You got this.. NO scade)

  6. I absolutely love the floraflex setup. Is it easy to disconnect and reconnect if spinning the pots 1/4 turn per day?

    I am expanding, likely moving to two alternating tents and while one will be near the floor, top fed, (my main system that I love with cages). For the other I want to go another round SOG flood and drain but with more, smaller plants. 30 or so per light and trim them back to a single or couple tops right from clone. I gotta give it one more honest try. Might even try hydroton and run completely sterile to compare the two? We'll see. Cheers bro, looks great as always, good to see the system in action!

  7. You know that was great f**** observation about the plants being tired with the 18 six schedule absolutely f**** brilliant I don't think know where in our natural environment we get 18 hours of light consistently and then six hours of Darkness for next summer I'm going to time are daylight hours my region that makes absolute sense then you go in your garden thinking your plants f**** sick it is nothing but they had enough light

  8. Really nice work, this is where knowing your plants and what they want for feedings is crucial, especially with anything finicky. As we know some phenos will do well know matter what you do to them, others not so much lol πŸ‘ŠβœŒπŸ’š

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