Rhode Island’s High Hopes for Adult Use + Which Red States Could Go Green in 2019? | MERRY JANE NEWS

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  1. If nothing happens during the 1st part of the year, I hope my fellow citizens of Kentucky have seen enough to make a change in our gubernatorial seat this year. We are drowning in debt and being led by an idiot who cites marijuana overdoses that don't exist as his reason for opposing legalization while issuing threats to cut expanded Medicaid and areas of public school funding to resolve a fraction of the debt. We were the top producers of hemp in the US during the 19th and 20th centuries. The War on Drugs and criminalization did away with that. In 2017 (thanks to 2014's farm bill) we were finally able to plant the first 500 acres of commercial crop hemp. 12,000 acres received research permits. We are slowly getting our hemp back. Legalization of marijuana, even solely medical, could provide revenue and jobs to a state that is in desperate need of both. Things are changing and peoples' views are evolving. It's an exciting time for anyone who has ever used or advocated for the use of marijuana! Good luck, everybody!!

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