Retired Marine – My Miraculous Story Of Extreme Healing! (Part 1) – 01/19/2019

Hemp Is The Next Big Thing! Thank You President Trump for putting We The People First and signing the Historic Farm Bill bringing HEMP back to American …


  1. FAKE Terrorism Is Going Viral ;  watch the following HILARIOUS video on You Tube ;  Stick Ya Phoney Terror Up Ya Arse………………..and what about ;…………Crisis Actors galore.

  2. I saw Dr. Weiss in the mid 90's at a conference & found out then I have several past lives. Dr. Raymond Moody was there too, loved hearing them speak. Fast forward to today, I'm about to start hypnotherapy school, just sent my tuition in on Friday. I'm also about to start my level II Reiki classes. I've seen it work personally & hope to use both in my counseling job. God bless you Marine, you're not crazy, you're spiritually awake.

  3. Funny. I wanted to learn about quantum physics and saw her comment on your video. I bought her book and read most of it. I grabbed it yesterday and put it on my counter to read the rest. Timing is everything.

  4. You had me on the edge of my seat… enjoying hearing your story. I been listening to you for a while now and heard you touch a bit on this story before but not in detail. I always enjoy watching and listening, you always are so upbeat and inspiring. I also find you quite amusing and funny. I have heard you say before you were raised up LDS. I was also and I too am no longer involved with church. I, like you have strong faith and love for our Heavenly Father. I know you travel a lot and if you are ever on Gulf Coast I would love to meet you. Look forward to hearing part 2. Thank you Steve for your service and all your truths. WWG1WGA. Godspeed Patriot 🇺🇸❤️

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