Redneck Cops Beat Fredrico Wolfe During Traffic Stop in Chattanooga, TN (Full Video)

Dashcam footage shows police assault Fredrico Wolfe during a traffic stop in Chattanooga, TN. He was stopped after being observed going 12 miles over the …


  1. Criminals who have the privilege of being protected by a badge. All three should be given the same treatment behind bars. This is brutal behavior and should be prosecuted by less than animals. Put them in JAIL!

  2. Out of three officers on scene, only one is on "administrative" leave (i.e., paid vacation)??? All three of the them need to be arrested, fired, and prosecuted.

  3. Punches were unnecessary, but he is a fuckin idiot who did resist. Who ragdoll goes limp when a cop is handcuffing you? He didnt deserve to be punched but thats the dice he was rolled. fuckin idiot.

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