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This one is for all those nurses out there that requested I check out this show. I had no idea what I was getting myself into as Nurse Jackie is a very fresh …


  1. The little red "pills" you see her snorting is just what was inside the extended-release capsule. It was still oxycodone, she just opened it up by twisting the capsule and emptying what was inside

  2. so uhm i know i am 12 days late to this but here in the Netherlands we travel by bike all the time, like we just have more bicycles then humans so that should say enough xD. and we also never wear helmets… only like 5/6-year old kids do that. i honestly dont know why. but then i guess we also have roads specified for bicycles and bicycles have more rights for some reason then cars and pedestrians have even more ofcourse… anyways, i go by bike like 4 times a day at least and do this since i was 4 or 5 yet never gotten into an accident and i am talking for like 99% of every dutchman (or woman). conclusion: I dont think bicycles are dangerous at all xD sorry!

  3. I'm a hardcore grey's anatomy fan! I currently watching episode 10 of season 15 it's the wrost thing I've ever watch. I'm not a medical student but I am scientifically minded. It's rediculous I don't want to spoil it for you but I'm 100% sure you will see what I see. Please watch it! I really want to see your reaction!

  4. As a chronic pain sufferer I take great offense to the fact that they only portray people as addicts that take opiate pain medications. Many people who suffer from chronic pain rely on these meds to have any form of quality of life. Nobody in their right mind actually wants to take these meds because they can be addictive and your body does become tolerant to these meds over time. With the stigma around these meds people that don't know your medical history will always look at you like an addict. They don't realise just how much pain you are in on a daily basis as well as everything you've tried in order to not have to take these meds anymore. I've tried every single pain medication opiate and non opiate that's on the market, I've tried CBD, weed, injections, spine stimulators, surgeries and even having nurves burned. Another problem is many people are on this kick that CBD is some miracle cure which it isn't. CBD and weed might help some people but it's not a miracle drug that fixes everyone. Same with weed, when I tried weed to help with pain all I got was high as hell with no pain reduction so what's the point of it if it gets you high but won't help with why you did it? Luckily my team of doctors work together for a plan that works the best for me so far and they keep me informed about any new procedures they think might be beneficial.

    As far as the opiate "epidemic" much of its do to illegal street drugs, sketchy reporting and propaganda. Most of the current opiate related deaths are caused by heroin and illegal Chinese Fentinal. Prescription opiate related deaths are down to a very small percentage of the deaths as a whole. The problem is that if an addict overdoses on heroin the death is just makes as opiate related and people just assume it's prescription related. Also if a 60 year old man dies of a heart attack and he had taken a single opiate pain medication the night before he passed so it's still in his system his death will be marked down as opiate related even though it had nothing to do with his death. Next because of the crackdown on opiate related medications many doctors have become afraid to correctly prescribe the amount of medications needed by chronic pain sufferers to properly manage their pain. For many of those people they are left with a choice, either commit suicide or go to the streets and buy drugs like heroin or illegal Chinese Fentinal to gain some form of quality of life. Sadly they are afraid of being open and honest with their doctors that the medications they have been on for months or even years is no longer providing them with enough pain reduction to even get out of bed due to fear of being labeled an addict and flagged. I've had other friends who's doctors just decided to quit the pain management field because it wasn't worth the hassle from the government any longer. Another friend lost his doctor because the state thought he was writing to many prescriptions for opiates and blocked him from practicing while they investigated the doctor. My buddy was in a wheelchair because he had been run over by a truck when he was younger and required high doses of opiate pain medications because he required such a high dose of these meds no other doctors would take him on at what he needed and the one doctor that would take him on seen him he would only give him half of what he was on until he had a chance to fully review his medical history. After a week of being in complete agony he waited until his 7 year old daughter went to school and his wife went to work went outside, called 911 to inform them somebody had committed suicide as his address, hung up and shot himself in the head. Chronic pain sufferers have one of the highest rates of suicide because they have little to no quality of life. And until you've lived with chronic pain you'll never have a clue what its like. I'm sure everyone here has had pain of some sort but when that pain doesn't go away for years it beats you down. Imagine your small children crying and saying that daddy doesn't love them because he doesn't play with them. Think about being stuck in bad for days or weeks at a time because you moved wrong or the weather changed. Imagine not being able to support your family when for years you provided everything they wanted. Think about having a broken wrist and whenever the pain starts to subside somebody twists your wrist. Imagine not hardly leaving your house for years and after a while friends just stop coming by. Imagine that when you do go out you only can for a short time, a 30 min ride in a car is torture and requires you to stop multiple times to get out and move, your wife and kids embarrassed to be around you because your a young man that has to use a cain/walker or motorized cart, having some 400 lbs woman yell and scream at you for using a stores last motorized cart, not having a sex life for years because it's too painful, not being able to get to the doctors because if the weather and running out of medication making you even more miserable and sick on top of the extreme pain because your clinically dependant on these meds and without them you go through severe withdrawal symptoms (it only happened once for a day but it was the worse time in my life), try fighting for years to get on disability even though I've got several doctors behind me yet I see people that get it first time and they are working under the table. I wouldn't wish this on anybody. It takes far to much out of you not only physically but also mentally. So take care of your body and remember that it's never worth it to destroy your back for a paycheck no matter how good that check is.

  5. Try watching the Knick! As a medical student I found this show really interesting to watch, mostly because nowadays we don't really understand how hard it was to diagnose, treat and operate in the 1900s. They had the craziest ideas, sometimes dangerous and ridicilous, and yet, most of our surgical procedures were created back then.

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