1. Hey man I just typed out my take on this and it was erased so here we go again haha. I also have psoriasis that I pretty much ignore but I'm going to try to clear it up now.

    Here's my view on the water, I live in burnaby bc by the way:

    -lowermainland has soft water meaning it contains low amounts of minerals like calcium for example. The purpose of this is to make pipes last longer and reduce the buildup of these trace elements in water

    -i have tested the ppm of my tap water. It comes out with 15-17ppm which is very soft and basically reverse osmosis water. Various factors can influence this like the pipes in your home (my place is over 50 yrs old!) Other places with hard water have high ppm of 200-500 and you can literally get your daily requirements of some minerals just by drinking water, however for us this is not the case. I have seen videos where places with hard water are filtered through $5000+ systems and our water still comes out softer.

    -with respect to PH, my tap water comes out at 7.2-7.4. The PH scale is logarithmic so a PH of 7 is 10x more alkaline then 6. Gastric acid varies in PH, so let's assume its on the higher end at 3.0, which would mean if youre drinking water of 7 PH which is 10 000x more alkaline then your stomach contents, a small adjustment in PH should be negligable or non noticeable when the two mix.

    To save a lot of money you can invest in a cheap tds/ec meter and a PH meter with some calibration solution (can probably cost less than $40-50) You can up or down the ph using natural and cheap ingredients and filtration should not be necessary based on where we live. Or you can just drink it straight from the tap 🙂

    This is my view on the whole water thing, but of course we all can do ad we wish. I'll be subbing and checking out your progress, I will be documenting my own for myself as well.

  2. Well this is interesting. I drink bottled water every day, especially at the gym but I buy whatever's on sale like the store brand. Never thought it made much of a difference but I am going to try this alkaline water. I don't think we have Trace in the U.S. but I am sure I can find other brands that are alkalined. I learned something new today, thanks. Your psoriasis is so mild now, you look great.

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