NEW Stardew Valley Update Is Coming!

Stardew Valley 1.4 is in the works, as well as an entirely new game from ConcernedApe! We recently got a lot of news about the future of Stardew Valley so I …


  1. the quote where 'he' is planning to make a team for stardew valley content reminds me of a nother one developer secesful indi game…. geometry dash and rob the developer.. anyone agree?

  2. I really like the rival system in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, where basically after a while the love interests start to develop relationships with their paired npcs and eventually get married and settle down. If there were this sort of progression with the marriage candidates or just the town in general for Stardew Valley it would add a whole new layer of depth to the game. Also if your spouse didn't just give up on all their dreams once you got married that would be cool.

  3. Usually DLC feels like a robbery, like something that should've been in the game to begin with but thee devs cut it out to sell it separately, but Stardew Valley feels like a robbery from the developer because you get so much value for your money, as well as free updates that would've been acceptable if they cost money. I'd definitely buy DLC for the game because I could be assured it would be money well spent. I guess that's the difference between indie devs making games for the players, and AAA devs that make games for the cash

  4. I want major Lewis to get some balls and admit his relationship with Marney. Maybe Pierre gets DNA for Abigail. Also what happened to Penny's father or who is Sebastians father. Allowing us to enter some of the areas we can't. Something more with the dessert. Why is Marnie taking care of Jas and who are Shane's parents

  5. I have an idea adding on to your own idea. The children grow up, help on the farm and can level up themselves. But as the child grows up, your character grows older. You soon pass away and can continue playing through your children, making them your new character. They can have children themselves, and so on.

  6. To be fair, I think most developers wants their game to be good. Even triple A devs. The problem is the publishers. For example, most publishers would force him to make that content update into a DLC and he would not be able to say anything against that. Him going to self publish means that he will never suffer from stuff like that. Good on him 🙂

  7. All I need is tons of more interactions with the villagers hella more event , and make it progresively satisfying and deep . Work for stories around the people & make more villagers interesting ones ofc , And PLEASE make it more slow paced and less grindi but still keep up the difficulty

  8. I just want more interaction with your spouse after marriage and maybe more heart events in general. I like the personal feel of these type of games and I wanna see how far CA would take it! Love this game.

  9. this is awesome game made by such an awesome developer! i just have some ideas floating around that may or may not work… they all revolve around other npcs
    1.anniversary heart events with your spouse – the date you married your spouse is when you'll be having an anniversary. perhaps, depending on who you married, they invite you to certain places (maybe somewhere in zuzu city). if you decide to give them a gift during the anniversary, they could give you something back. (depending on how much they like it? e.g: give them something they love, they gift you a prismatic shard or a pearl, give them something they hate, they gift you stone or clay.) if you skip the anniversary date, your relationship is either deducted or they deny talking/kissing you for a few days maybe.

    2. kids with chores – this is probably a pretty common suggestion. how i think it would work is after at least a certain amount of days since giving birth to them, you'll have the option to start giving them a weekly allowance. in return, they'll do some tasks for one week then stop until you give them their next allowance. the problem is: i'm not sure if it would work or be helpful as after a long time (after marrying your spouse, having a kid and everything), you might not need the help as some of the most tedious things on the farm can already be taken care of. (watering the crops? sprinkler. harvesting crops? junimo hut. milking cows/goats? auto grabber.)

    3. more ways of befriending npcs other than shoving gifts in their face – depending on how much progress you're at, it's either too easy or too much of a bother to get multiples of an npc's favorite gift. one way is that you could gain more friendship by conversing with them more than once a day. i'm just thinking about it realistically here… you're friends with your best friend likely because you talk to them or meet them a lot not because of those few gifts you've given them.

    4. unique dialogue after giving npcs the same gift over and over again – this is basically to encourage you to at least try getting something odd for them because by repeatedly gifting the same thing, you're receiving less and less friendship points each time as they don't value it as much anymore. it's also because of some dialogue that doesn't make so much sense. (e.g… shane, who says: "wow! how'd you know this was my favorite" even after gifting him the same gift a second time) to fix this, you have to give them another thing they like and then give them the thing they love after that.

    5. "special" items (that you can give to certain npcs) – again, something about gifting. these special items are randomly found. you can either treat them as useless collectibles that you can sell or you could try to find the npc who likes it. it'll be worth more to them than their most loved gifts. if you attempt gifting it to the "wrong" npc, they just won't accept it because it's not for them.

    6. more community upgrades! – ideas: a new schoolhouse for penny (she has always wanted one), fund a new business for harvey (he doesn't earn very much from his clinic because of lack of patients), help build mayor's lewis' totally not selfish idea of a golden statue, and of course, a house for linus.

    tl:dr, just read the stuff in bold :p i'm one who types out more than what is needed. also i'm bored.

  10. I seriously love your games!
    Stardew Valley is my favorite game that I never get tired of!
    For updates I would love to see:
    -New crafting recipes
    -New foragable items, crops, cooking recipes to unlock
    -Perhaps new gems, and things to be found in the mines
    -More things you can do with villagers like chatting kind of like in Animal Crossing
    and yeah, keep doing what you do ConcernedApe, you're the best!

  11. Along with stardew I play a lot of animal crossing. I like the museums in both games. I would like a similar concept with keeping fish in aquariums or having bugs added, both in the home and in museum. Also a mirror or something to change my appearance. I like a lot of customizable options, and spending so much time on one save file I would like to change my hair or clothes, or even the color of my blankets on my bed. Maybe a different pet, or pet color would even be cool.

  12. I think one of my favorite things about Stardew Valley is the incredibly subtle worldbuilding the player comes across while playing the game. When I first played it and came across that merchant lady and her pig she mentioned that the player has a "beautiful country". Cue me being like "wtf is going on here???" So I'm genuinely REALLY hyped to see what ConcernedApe is up too. Especially now that I've almost finished getting all those lost books and actually read them.

    And if Ape is going to continue Stardew Valley updates; will there be references to SV in this new game?? I'd be super cool in this hypothetical game to pick one of our farm save files and have references to choices our farmer character made in the valley. Like some of the characters you can marry mention family members walking out on them or being elsewhere. So how rad it be if we meet these people in the new game and mention they know of the Stardew Valley cast because of this. Heck you could even have a feasible time skip and have the kids you could have all grown up and reflect on the parents they had in whichever save file you pick.

    Although this is all extremely speculative guessing on my part! 😅

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