1. Keith and his generation are why Raphael and his peers don’t have to take 18 pills everyday ♥️ he seemed really happy to see how treatment has changed and I’m glad that he saw the sacrifices he made were worth it

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  3. I know that the response to HIV was very bad at first. But the fact that so much improvement was achieved so quickly gives me hope about this world. Changing this disease from "the curse God brought upon gays" to something we can threat and understand is part of a huge milestone that humanity is reaching right now.

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  5. Keith testimony was so moving, it was a different world back in the 80's, never saw so much stigma associated with an illness, in my book he's a hero, after surviving the heartbreak of losing his friends he still volunteered in painful trials to find a cure and better treatment that thankfully Raphael benefits from.

  6. The Clintons (regardless of your political stance) were the first to publically acknowledge HIV/AIDS. But the bravest of them all was Princess Diane who would hold people's hands while they were dying of AIDS. She was an amazing soul.

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