Netflix raises prices to fight the future | Stream Economy

We were all up in arms when Netflix announced prices would be going up (again). But it’s facing a future that’s more uncertain than ever — Apple, WarnerMedia …


  1. The future is free streaming why hell should I pay for Netflix, Vudu and any other streaming service. Ask yourself how much does these movie directors make when their film is streamed on these platforms?

  2. Netflix has been making crap….it's followed political PC crap, it's destroying series….season 2 13 reasons why….dear god, startrek…again it was pc…changed things and ruined it, lost in space wtf …it turned in to a pc American family….even Sabrina…Netflix needs to stop making the pc crap. Otherwise people will cancel…that includes ours…
    In the video all these streaming services are American apart from Netflix..

  3. You seem to have missed the fact Netflix is removing a lot of content and a lot of shows that people watch over and over and replacing them with one season failures

  4. Sadly, unless you have some disposable income for extra streaming services. Bootlegging shows is pretty viable and surprisingly sustaining. It does come with some troubleshooting and lower quality resolutions. But it’s works for cutting costs.

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