1. 45:0545:20 had me fucking crying. Had to rewind and watch two more times. The way no one was responding to his bigger penis line and the timing of how he said “h-hello? Am I on radio?” etc. good lord 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I like on one hand where shit is. Women have more of a voice,but if Richard Pryor and Sam Kinnison were alive right now…. would they be apologizing for old jokes that they made back in the day?

  3. If I keep hearing the "people just don't understand comedy" im gonna lose my shit. How about this, when you hear the victim of this crime is upset about the joke, how about you apologize for it rather than defending your craft. Kevin Hart and Neal Brennan take L's on this.

  4. Dave said it best. Gay ppl sleep with the rich whites of Hollywood. Daddy these ppl talking bout me don't hire him. Or make him apologize. Or I'm gone tell everybody u gay or whatever the case may be. Gays run Hollywood and show business.

  5. Black people are responsible for this atmosphere too. Agree or not, y’all been double standarding, and using race and being offended, when they really see the reality. But continue to keep using that as a crutch. Other groups have took notice.

  6. Again, stop putting liberals and Democrats in power. Liberals have destroyed every single thing they have touched. The Democrats keep you black people in their modern day plantations, which you call ghettos. Open your fucking eyes.

  7. Joe Rogan has said the N word on his podcast AT LEAST 35 times. Minimum. No one brings him up ( all said while there isnt a black guy in studio), yet some people are pissed at Louis C.K…. when Rock is right there.

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