Louis CK – Smoking Pot (REACTION) Funny ASF!!!

ANYBODY that’s gotten WAY too high knows exactly what he’s talking about. “They’ve been working on pot like it’s the CURE for CANCER” – Louis CK.


  1. Have you ever smoked pot or weed that was way too strong? Yay or Nay? As always thanks for tuning in I’m grateful that you decided to click on my face and enjoy some comedy with me 😇🤟🏾.

    But real talk if pot is becoming an addiction there’s definitely resources that can help you get out of it 😇💯. The brain is largely misunderstood. When we usually make our first efforts to quit an addiction (alcohol, p*rn, marijuana, cigarette or even food), we usually try to fight or suppress our cravings when they happen. But did you know that science reveals this makes the problem worse because it puts our limbic system (survival part of the brain) into fight or flight mode?

    Strategy, not force is the way we can overcome addiction. When a craving hits, you need to know how to respond to it so that it can diminish quickly…DISCOVER the proven techniques that eliminate addiction problems so you or those you love can live a better life. https://bit.ly/2C8CKJr

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  2. I smoked some pot when I was like 18-19 years old and smoke a bit too much and realized I had hallucinations in the kitchen so I was having fun with all there til it started to wear off a bit, and I had sat there for 2 hours by myself while everyone else had sat in my livingroom.. I can´t handle pot so I don´t smoke it, but I think it is up to anyone that smokes without harming anyone else to do their own choises.. 🙂

    But I can answer ur question bout why addiction is so hard and why it is hard to stop cold turkey.. alcohol makes the dopamineflow from the brain go up, so if u have a deficit of dopamineflow alcohol helps to get it up, there are of course drugs that help for it, but they often take up to 6 weeks to start working so these ppl need a quick fix.. also if u quit cold turkey, u take a huge risk of getting something called delirium tremens that can lead to a life time of brain damage and u can even die if u quit cold turkey since the abstinence can make ur blood preassure go so high very quickly that ur heart can´t handle it.. It can also lead to low bloodsalt levels that can lead to epilepsy even though u don´t have epilepsy normally if they haven´t eaten well(which often happens with ppl with addiction problems), and ppl can just fall down and start shaking and even bite their tongue off in worst cases

  3. With alcohol, you will lose control of yourself if you have too much. But with marijuana, it's not like that. Usually it just makes you feel really chill, but you can still drive just as well as normal. And it's only mentally addictive if you smoke a lot over a long period of time, otherwise it's just something to do for relaxation or fun once in awhile! And you have to smoke 15 hay bales worth over 15 minutes to overdose on it! If you experiment with edibles, you might have too much, and then you'll feel like you're gonna die, but no one ever does, or ever has!!

  4. Someone once gave me some pot butter, and I had no idea how strong it was, I just thought you use it like regular butter and get a little high. I spread a copious amount of it on a bagel one morning, which I found out later was equivalent to an amount that you would use to make an entire batch of pot cookies (in other words waaaay too much for one person), and I ended up in my garage bouncing a basketball for four hours saying "please God make it stop" over and over.

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