1. Love the info! I subbed up again, for some reason you were not on my list so got that fixed up real quick fam! Apple Jacks sounds sick!! I remember killing a seedling or two from moving them from the paper towel lmao. Keep it coming fam! 💯🍻👊

  2. You ALWAYS need a ph meter..most important thing…..not using a ph meter just means your comfortable with your nutrient line….MOST important thing is..it's a million ways to grow this plant,the beauty of it is YOU have to find YOUR way….✌

  3. Ph is important for some i personally never used a ph meter.
    i do use ppm meter due to filtration monitoring cuz i like to clean water down to 0ppm get them nasty disolved metal and all that shizznit out of it.

    Beginners could use ph perfect nutrients to eliminate the need for ph monitoring even good for advanced users also .

    Coco formula for coco users standerd formula for soil.

    I use both sprouting methods.
    Water then paper towel then dirt for older or trouble seeds.
    Streight to the coco for fresher seeds and problem free seeds.

    You should contact zerowater and see if they will give you a free system to review.
    Id love to see you compare a plant running cleaned water vs a plant running unfiltered from the tap.
    Would be interesting to see the end result.

  4. Really good advice. Always wanna start with an easy strain. I started with Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Soil I recommend Fox Farm Ocean for outdoor and Fox Farm Happy Frog for indoors. I recommend Mykos for rootballs and new seedlings. I also have a video on a new way of germinating that I don’t see a lot of people using. You def got some really good starting grow tips.

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